Top 10 Trusted Amazon PPC Management Agencies

Top 10 Trusted Amazon PPC Management Agencies

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Starting an Amazon store journey is surprisingly straightforward. Just a few steps to kickstart: signing up on the Amazon Seller Central website, configuring your business, crafting compelling product listings, and diving into the sales world. Sounds easy, right? Well, the real test lies in the continuous efforts to stay visible and meaningful to your customer base. One effective route is through Amazon PPC management services. However, those new to Amazon's paid advertising may become confused with the PPC management. But fear not, as many specialized PPC management agencies are available on the web to help you harness PPC ads' power to meet all your marketing goals.

But are you unaware of how to select the most reliable PPC management agencies to propel your business forward in 2023? We are here to help you! In this guide, we’ll discuss how these PPC management agencies help your business and how to select them. Also, we’ll enlist the top 10 agencies of this year that will help you secure a prominent ranking and attract more customers. So, let’s dig into the details:

What Is An Amazon PPC Management Agency?

For those lacking experience, the entire process could backfire, working against your goals rather than in your favor. This is why businesses often delegate the task of managing PPC campaigns to full-service Amazon agencies. These agencies leverage their expertise to provide a range of valuable services for ensuring the success of your campaigns.

Why Are Amazon PPC Management Service Providers Important?

PPC management services agencies are crucial in Amazon selling for several reasons:

Targeted Reach: Without effective PPC management, your products will not gain visibility, resulting in missed sales opportunities. Partnering with a PPC management agency can significantly enhance your marketing efforts, especially if you lack expertise.

Time Savings: Employing a PPC agency can save you valuable time. You won't need to oversee campaigns for hours manually. Instead, you can redirect your focus to other essential tasks with proficient professionals and specialized software.

Business Scalability: Engaging a PPC expert can expedite the growth of your business. These Amazon ad agencies possess in-depth knowledge of the platform's algorithms. Their experience facilitates more efficient operations, and they can furnish you with detailed reports to identify areas for improvement.

Increased Revenue: By bringing your store to the forefront, a hired specialist can drive more traffic to your product page, ultimately leading to an uptick in revenue.

Expert Insight: Entrusting your PPC management to an experienced agency ensures access to their up-to-date knowledge and optimization skills. Their comprehensive understanding of the tools and nuances of the Amazon algorithm can be highly beneficial for your business.

How to Choose an Ideal Amazon PPC Management Company?

Here’s a checklist that you must follow before outsourcing Amazon PPC services:

  1. Amazon Ad Partnership: Verify if the agency is affiliated with the Amazon ad network, as this collaboration can significantly aid in scaling your brand.
  1. Results-Driven Approach: Ensure the agency is dedicated to delivering superior results and actively involved in Amazon advertising.
  1. Reporting Frequency: Choose an agency that provides regular performance reports, either monthly or quarterly, to help you effectively monitor your advertising progress.
  1. Amazon Marketplace Expertise: Ensure the company understands how the Amazon marketplace operates, including its specific nuances and dynamics.
  1. Service Alignment: Verify that the company's services align with the solutions you seek. This entails a clear match between your requirements and the company's expertise.
  1. Budget Management: Opt for a company with a proven track record of efficiently managing budgets. Effective budget management is essential to increase your advertising ROI.
  1. Client Feedback: Positive client feedback is a significant indicator of the company's performance and reliability—the more positive reviews and testimonials, the better the indication of their capabilities.
  1. Professionalism and Communication: Lastly, opt for a company with a professional team demonstrating strong communication skills. Effective communication is crucial for maintaining a clear and open dialogue, especially when constant monitoring is necessary to address potential concerns or uncertainties.

Top-Notch Amazon PPC Management Agencies

1. Swift

amazon ppc management service

Swift is one of the top-notch Amazon PPC agency. It utilizes cutting-edge, proprietary techniques honed through years of industry experience. Integrating advanced tools and closely analyzing market trends ensure the brand's voice resonates powerfully across competitive advertising. They collaborate with 100+ top brands, including Pepper, Karma Water, NexGen, Paddletek and many others! They amplify brands’ reach and influence, ensuring they secure a leading edge in the dynamic world of online advertising. Their pricing model starts at $1750 with a 10% lifetime discount on all courses and SOPs. See all details here.

ppc management

Services & Offers

2. SellerApp

ppc management

SellerAppboasts a remarkable track record of overseeing ad spending exceeding $1.2B+ and collaborating with over 21,000 sellers. Their meticulous approach to campaign management involves comprehensive yet straightforward steps to ensure client success. The designated team member conducts a thorough audit, furnishing detailed insights into the Amazon account's performance, areas requiring enhancement, and ad performance.


  • Amazon PPC Audit
  • Campaign management
  • Keyword targeting
  • Automation
  • Dayparting
  • Product Analysis

3. Nuanced Media

amazon ppc management services

Emerging as a frontrunner among Amazon PPC management agencies, Nuanced Media holds a proven record of generating hundreds of millions in online sales for a diverse range of brands. They are a member of Amazon Ads Verified partner and the Amazon SPN Network.


  • Amazon PPC Audit
  • Marketplace Performance Reporting
  • Amazon Campaign Management
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Organic ranking strategy
  • Review Aggregation
  • Multi-channel marketing to Amazon
  • Keyword targeting

4. AMZ Pathfinder

AMZ Pathfinder is dedicated to assisting brands in amplifying their Amazon business. Their manager undertakes necessary adjustments and optimizes Amazon PPC campaigns, ensuring clients remain informed about ad performance, addressing any arising issues, and delivering monthly reports, with a two-month fee required to initiate the process.


  • PPC Management
  • Demand Side Platform Management
  • Storefront Redesign and Build
  • Google Ads for Amazon Sellers
  • PPC Audit

5. AMZ Advisors

ppc management services

AMZ Advisors is a well-established advertising agency providing a comprehensive suite of e-commerce services. Their services are tailored to help brands, manufacturers, and private labels expand their presence on e-commerce platforms.


6. Sequence

ppc management agency

Sequence Commerce specializes in delivering advertising services, leveraging their team's in-depth knowledge of the Amazon marketplace and adept management of advertising accounts. Their clientele includes names like Pillsbury, Callaway, Stone Bridge, and Joe Boxer.


  • PPC and search expertise
  • Keyword research and advertising
  • Campaign creation
  • Keyword bidding
  • New customer acquisition
  • Performance insights

7. Ad Badger

ppc management company

As an Amazon PPC service provider, Ad Badger streamlines your campaigns with customized automation. Ad Badger has been pivotal in enhancing brand profitability and cutting down ACoS. Their pricing model commences at $975 monthly, alongside an additional 8% of your ad spend.


  • PPC management
  • PPC coaching
  • Campaign audit

8. Better AMS

amazon ppc management

Better AMS specializes in Amazon advertising, and its primary goal is to augment client sales through strategic advertising.


  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display
  • Sponsored Brand Video
  • Amazon Demand Side Platform ads

9. Perpetua Sellics

Sellics has earned a reputable status as one of the leading brands in Amazon PPC advertising. Their core focus is seamlessly integrating automation, analysis, and optimization within your campaigns. By collaborating with Sellics, you can expect a reduction in Amazon's return rate and boost sales on Amazon.


  • Keyword automation
  • Bid optimization
  • Campaign optimization
  • Dayparting

10. Ad Advance

This agency specializes in Sponsored and Amazon Demand Side Platform ads. Ad Advance tailors its strategies to each client, ensuring transparency at every step. Clients can expect regular biweekly reports detailing the progress and actions taken within their campaigns.


  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon PPC
  • Campaign Management
  • Amazon MWS
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Research

Is Utilizing Software to Manage PPC Campaigns an Effective Approach?

When using software to oversee your Amazon ads, you can establish specific parameters, like your target ACOS, and the tool will autonomously operate in the background, ensuring that you achieve those goals.

Opting for software might be the most suitable choice, particularly if you're new to advertising or simply strapped for time. Simply set your targets and allow the tool to execute its duties. Naturally, it's essential to guarantee that your Amazon listings are optimized and that your products boast positive reviews before launching ads.

Do you want to boost your product review? Read our guide on the Amazon Vine program.

Advertising software consistently learns, enabling it to elevate the performance of your campaigns to a level that would be challenging to achieve manually.


  • AI-powered software automatically fine-tunes your ads
  • Tailored dashboards provide insights into the performance of each campaign
  • Utilizes your daily budget more effectively
  • Enhances ROI through the experimentation of different strategies
  • Elevates your product's Best Sellers rank
  • Improves ACOS, ensuring your ads generate profits
  • Requires minimal involvement in ad management
  • Has the potential to boost your monthly revenue and profits
  • Helps in saving both time and money


  • Incurs monthly subscription costs
  • No guarantee that your product sales will surge, as advertising is just one of many contributing factors
  • Some software providers may not align well with your specific needs
  • It takes time to understand the workings of the software.


By employing an Amazon PPC management service, you unlock the door to optimize and scale your business effortlessly. These Amazon PPC specialists offer valuable services, including keyword research, campaign management, automation, social media integration, email marketing, and bid optimization.

We hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the top-tier PPC services accessible. Moreover, with this knowledge, you can select an appropriate Amazon PPC service and propel your business toward its maximum potential.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Is PPC Management?

PPC management, or pay-per-click management, refers to overseeing and managing a company's PPC ad strategy. It involves creating, optimizing, and monitoring paid advertisements on various platforms to increase visibility and ROI.

How Much Does PPC Management Typically Cost?

The cost of PPC management can vary significantly based on the campaign's complexity and the business's specific requirements. PPC management services can cost a few hundred to several thousand dollars monthly.

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