Top 10 Tips for Selling on Amazon to Scale Up Profits

Top 10 Tips for Selling on Amazon to Scale Up Profits

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Do you want to skyrocket your profits on Amazon this year? Selling on Amazon offers an incredible opportunity to reach a global audience and maximize your earnings. According to Statista's report, over 60% of the total sales on Amazon were orchestrated by independent third-party sellers. This group of sellers contributed a substantial $4.1 billion in product sales the preceding year.

However, despite the data provided by Amazon, the competition landscape is progressively intensifying. More and more entrepreneurs are recognizing the potential that comes with being an Amazon seller. Yet, it's imperative to approach the realm of Amazon third-party selling with precision.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ve compiled 10 successful hacks and tips for selling on Amazon. So, let's delve into the treasure trove of strategies that will set you on the path to Amazon's success and boost your profits.

Tips for Selling on Amazon

  1. Craft an Adaptive Pricing Strategy
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Competitive pricing is paramount to stand out amidst established brands and thrive on Amazon. Unless your product is unique or offers a feature not found elsewhere, setting competitive prices while ensuring profitability is a winning strategy.

However, going beyond mere competitive pricing, adaptability is the key. Given the dynamic nature of market demand and the continuous influx of new competitors, proactively adjusting your prices to align with trends is one of the best Amazon hacks.

Also, manual price adjustments or rule-based changes based on competitors' pricing can suffice for newcomers or those with limited inventory. Moreover, in the case of diverse product ranges, algorithmic repricing offers an optimal solution. This technique employs automatic repricing tools driven by intricate algorithms and real-time data, optimizing prices to secure a competitive edge.

Also, if you’re new to the Amazon market and want to launch a new product successfully, read our guide on the Amazon new product launch in 2023.

  1. Master Amazon Product Page Optimization
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Embarking on a prosperous Amazon venture necessitates prioritizing product page optimization. Here's a comprehensive understanding:

  • A10 Algorithm

Amazon's A10 algorithm is the decision-making engine for product rankings in search results. While analogous to search engine algorithms like Google's, A10 strongly emphasizes successful sales as a ranking determinant. Understanding this algorithm's mechanics and its preferences equips you for future success.

  • Ranking Factors

Amazon employs an array of ranking factors and metrics to determine product visibility and order in search results. Components like title, subtitle, description, Q&A, and images contribute to rankings.

  • Harness Keyword Relevance

As in conventional SEO endeavors, strategic Amazon FBA keyword hacks are pivotal for sustained Amazon store success. Crafting pertinent keywords tailored to your products and store elevates Amazon SEO and drives traffic to your listings.

  • Elevate Sales Velocity

Boosting sales velocity, or the rate you sell products, directly impacts rankings. The algorithm assesses product popularity by evaluating search frequency, reviews, views, and purchases.

Employ sponsored advertising campaigns to expedite sales velocity for new products or stores. Achieving comparable sales velocity to competitors eventually garners better rankings.

  1. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

After optimizing and launching your Amazon listings, exceptional customer service becomes a keystone of success. Elevate your approach when interacting with potential, current, and returning customers. Responses should be professional, helpful, and solution-oriented, influencing customers to choose you over competitors.

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Transform negative feedback into positive outcomes through constructive responses. Moreover, leveraging Amazon's Customer Service by Amazon (CSBA) function can streamline this aspect, ensuring customer interactions are handled adeptly, even though CSBA's availability is currently selective.

  1. Get your Hand on Amazon's Buy Box
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Getting a buy box is one of the most imperative tips for selling on Amazon. Sellers who manage to secure their products in this space observe a notable uptick in their sales. The following key elements play a crucial role in achieving a buy box:

These Amazon selling tips increase your chances of securing the Buy Box and elevate your brand's reputation and overall sales performance.

  1. Leverage Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment By Amazon empowers sellers by relinquishing a substantial share of the order fulfillment process to Amazon. Under this program, your inventory resides in Amazon's warehouses, which handle order picking, packing, and shipping as orders roll in.

While Amazon FBA isn't the sole path to success, it enables you to offer Amazon Prime benefits to consumers, which include remarkably swift delivery times. Amazon Prime's substantial membership base translates into elevated spending by its members, making it a valuable avenue to tap into.

The Prime badge, a benefit of the FBA program, immediately establishes customer trust and distinguishes your listings from those lacking Prime delivery. While FBA does involve higher fees, the resultant sales and streamlined strategy afford you more time to dedicate to other facets of your brand.

Do you want to join Amazon FBA and remove your inventory from Amazon but don’t know how to do it? Read our guide on removing inventory from Amazon that will streamline this process for you.

  1. Automate for Enhanced Review Collection

Securing positive reviews on your listings is one of the crucial tips for selling on Amazon. Reviews wield significant influence in online shopping decisions, often being the deciding factor for consumers.

To build a strong foundation of reviews, proactively contact customers shortly after their product delivery to request reviews and gather feedback. This approach allows you to address issues before they become negative reviews.

Furthermore, leveraging Amazon's automated review request system can also be effective. Automating the process of soliciting reviews and star ratings streamlines feedback collection.

Also, if you want to find out whether a review is fake or original, read our guide on 6 best Amazon review checker tools to help you find fake reviews.

Wait! Are you a newbie Amazon seller and don’t know about Amazon scams? Read our guide on Amazon refund tricks that will easily help you recognize fraud customers.

  1. Use Multichannel Selling

Recognize the dynamic landscape of e-commerce today, necessitating flexibility in where and how you sell. The aim is to transform visitors into lifelong customers, which involves adopting a multichannel approach.

Selecting the right online platforms is crucial, as not all channels align with your business. Determine the return on investment based on your resources and strategy. For instance, if you sell private label products, prioritize product visibility. On the other hand, if retail readiness is your focus, tailor your strategy to suit pricing dynamics in the specific marketplace. These Amazon seller tips will enhance your profitability and brand's standing in 2023.

  1. Earn the Amazon's Choice Badge
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Enhancing your revenue potential is within reach with the Amazon's Choice badge. To secure this coveted badge for your listing, pay attention to these essential points:

  • Eligibility for Amazon Prime: Crucially, your product must qualify for Amazon Prime, as fast shipping is a key criterion for badge consideration. Amazon ensures that Amazon's Choice listings remain readily accessible to buyers.
  • Low Return Rate: Maintaining a low return rate indicates customer satisfaction and signals product quality.
  • High Review Rate: Consistently receiving reviews showcases buyer engagement and contentment.

Ensuring a high-quality product is paramount. Moreover, factors like product design, material quality, supplier negotiation, and cost-effectiveness contribute to buyer satisfaction and impact badge eligibility.

  1. Harness Amazon PPC

Leveraging Amazon's PPC advertising and marketing services to reach your target audience effectively is one of the effective tips for selling on Amazon FBA. By allocating a budget for advertising, you can employ various ad campaign types:

  • Automated Placement: Amazon automatically positions your product ads in relevant spots.
  • Manual Campaigns: You choose specific keywords to target for your product ads.

Amazon provides diverse ad formats, including custom and display ads. Pay-per-click pricing ensures brand exposure and visibility without incurring costs for ad views. Starting small and using campaign data to optimize future strategies is prudent for newcomers to sponsored advertising.

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Also, if you want to boost your Amazon sales and drive traffic to your listing, you should go for Amazon attribution. But if you’re unfamiliar with this term, read our guide on what Amazon attribution is and how it works.

  1. Craft a Distinctive Brand Identity

Developing a unique brand identity cultivates a solid competitive edge. Brand equity thrives on creative content. Utilize features like A+ content and Amazon Stores to showcase your brand on the platform. Remember that branding transcends a memorable logo; it communicates expectations tied to your products or brand.

Building a brand is a gradual process that spans months and years. Begin crafting your brand identity now to reap the long-term benefits of customer recognition and loyalty.


In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, mastering the art of selling on Amazon is both a strategic challenge and a promising opportunity. The top 10 tips in this blog post provide a comprehensive roadmap to navigate this dynamic platform successfully. From optimizing product listings and leveraging Amazon's advertising tools to embracing multichannel selling and building a compelling brand identity, these tips for selling on Amazon will elevate your profitability in 2023. Also, it’ll prove invaluable for long-term enhancement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Contribute To Amazon's Profitability In 2023?

Amazon's profitability in 2023 can be attributed to its diverse revenue streams, strong customer base, efficient logistics and delivery network, and the growth of its cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services.

Is Participating In The Amazon FBA Program Worth It?

Yes, enrolling in the Fulfillment by Amazon program can be beneficial as it allows you to offer Prime shipping, which often leads to higher sales due to the increased trust in fast and reliable delivery.

What Should I Do About Negative Reviews?

Address negative reviews promptly and professionally. Try to resolve the customer's issues and demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer service.

How Can I Motivate Customers To Leave Reviews?

You can send follow-up emails to buyers after their purchase, kindly requesting them to leave a review. You can also offer incentives like discounts on future purchases.

Can I Sell Products In Multiple Categories?

Yes, Amazon allows you to sell products in multiple categories. However, ensure that your products are relevant and comply with Amazon's guidelines for each category.

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