A Complete Guide to Craft An Influencer Marketing Strategy by Product Category

A Complete Guide to Craft An Influencer Marketing Strategy by Product Category

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Influencer marketing is a new and popular way for companies to market their products. The use of this kind of marketing has grown in recent years, with both brick-and-mortar brands as well as eCommerce stores.

Influencer marketing has gained so much popularity as it’s an engaging way for companies to reach their target audiences. This type of marketing utilizes the relationships that influencers have built up through social media channels such as Instagram or Twitter, in order to advertise products without paying any ad dollars!

Influencers are everywhere! From beauty tutorials to food posts, there's an influencer for everything. However, you may be surprised by the types of content they promote - even things like fashion or sports have their own specific categories.

You can come across many influencers within this vast world of social media where people get inspiration from one another through these channels. It goes without saying that every product category has some relevant personalities who can help drive sales if advertised correctly.

So it turns out to be an amazing opportunity for companies to marketize their products. But the most important thing is that you must strategize according to the product category.


At Swiftstart, we’ve worked with a lot of influencers that are specialized in different niches and brand categories. As every product category is different and has to market in a different way than another, this blog post will help you learn certain guidelines specific to each product category.

Baby Category Influencer Marketing Strategy

The best baby influencers are mommy bloggers who have good personalities and can talk about what it's really like to be a parent. For dads, certain products will work better than others depending on the product you're looking for - but both genders should generally stick with blogs that cover topics related to their area of expertise: childcare!

But we recommend going with someone that has an audience of moms specifically since they will have a better understanding of what other mothers are looking for.

To make sure their posts stand out in the feeds, companies need to ask these influencers for content with high-quality engagement levels. This is an indication that these types of content will be engaging for followers and help increase reach as well!

Toys & Games Category Influencer Marketing Strategy

As we already discussed not all social media influencers will work for every product. Influencer demographics vary depending on the buyer persona, so it's important to research which type of influencer would be most appropriate before hiring them as an advertisement conduit!

The Toys & Games category has some specific guidelines when searching out potential influencers. Think about who might buy your particular toy or game (is this something intended more towards children/toddlers?) And then consider whether they’d make sense promoting products within said categories given their age groupings: millennials vs moms.

Influencer Marketing Strategy for Grocery Category

When you are looking for food influencers, it's important to consider those capable of curating quality content within this product category. Also, look for what type of groceries or foods they specialize in and check if it aligns with what your company is marketing.

It will help ensure that they cover only one area in which they are interested and can offer more insight into local cuisine than just generic statements about food and grocery items.

Grocery items can vary greatly by a culture so make sure to find someone who understands your specific needs before hiring them!

For example, if your product caters more to the western diet then search out western influencers who will be able to convince people with western eating preferences so they are more prone to buy what they promote!

Influencer Marketing Strategy for Pet Supplies Category

To make sure your pet content is getting seen by as many people as possible, we recommend hiring social media influencers with accounts designed specifically for pets. More importantly, look for influencers having profiles with engaging content that reflect if the content is curated and posted by pets themselves.

Also, if you’re interested to market the products for a particular pet, let’s say dogs; find the influencer experienced in creating content for dogs. The more relevant you are, the more likely you are to have an effective strategy.

Influencer Marketing Strategy for Sporting Goods Category

Hiring an influencer for the sporting goods category is not an easy task. It’s because fitness is a comprehensive field and it’s probably not the same across the board. Different people have different views when it comes to fitness.

Look for the type of athletic content they have on their profile and check if it matches your products. Most of the time, influencers deal in particular sports and products and so their followers also fall in the same category. Hiring such an influencer will not be helpful to market your products.

If your sporting goods are about weightlifters, you must find influencers that are personal trainers and experts in muscle building.

Influencer Marketing Strategy for Home & Kitchen Category

When hiring influencers to promote your product, we recommend targeting those who focus on home aesthetics and/or talk about how you can make their houses look better. It’s important that when hiring an influencer for the home category you select one with experience in aesthetics-related content because this type of post resonates better on social media platforms.

The key thing here is that not only do they have a large number of followers but also these followers trust their judgment. And for that, they are willing to share sensitive information regarding their personal projects.

Another tip is to look for those influencers who already share content related to the products you are trying to market. This will not seem fake or grasping because it’s in line with what they do on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. Also, they publish posts about their daily lives and love to share products that are relevant to their followers.
The benefits here include increased brand awareness due to spreading word-of-mouth advertising through genuine channels; engaging demographics so fans feel connected and assume that advertisement isn’t just for strangers but rather for family members & friends!

Influencer Marketing Strategy for Health & Personal Care Category

To find the right influencers for your product, you first need to determine what type of position they will be in regards to. There is a lot that can go into positioning and marketing strategies such as targeting certain demographics or regions which may have different needs than other areas do. So this should always be taken into consideration when choosing who we wish to promote our goods/services!

If you're marketing a product that's more health-oriented, it makes sense to target people who publish content about their health on a regular basis and encourage a healthy lifestyle through their content.

This is an important point to consider when marketing your product. The followers of a particular influencer on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. may be more interested in what you're selling than those who follow another personality specialized in another niche.

Wrapping Up: Crafting An Influencer Marketing Strategy by Product Category

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to connect with audiences on an authentic level. When you find the right influencers, they can help your product stand out and be successful in its niche market because of its followers' demographics!

When finding a new influencer, it’s not just experience that matters most - there's also creativity, something only an individual can provide with their content!

This blog post has helped you learn why you need to find a different influencer for a particular product category. Moreover, you have come to know what things need to consider while you look for an influencer to market your product. This way, you will be able to craft an influencer marketing strategy that drives results.

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