5 Effective Ways to Improve Amazon Order Defect Rate (ODR)

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In online selling, Amazon's Order Defect Rate is a key metric that affects your performance rate. Therefore, all Amazon sellers need to pay attention to it.

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  1. ODR reflects sellers' customer service quality through returned or canceled orders.
  2. You can calculate ODR to assess your selling performance.
  3. Maintaining an ODR below 1% is important to avoid account suspension and the recovery process.
  4. A-to-Z Guarantee, chargebacks, and negative feedback are key elements affecting Amazon's Order Defect Rate.
  5. Addressing negative feedback, optimizing shipping, optimizing listings, and using quality packaging can improve ODR.

Why We Wrote This?

The content aims to inform Amazon sellers about the significance of the Amazon Order Defect Rate as a key metric for assessing their performance in customer service. A low ODR indicates that sellers consistently deliver products that meet customer expectations, contributing to higher customer satisfaction.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ve discussed what ODR is, how to calculate and monitor it, factors affecting ODR, and how to improve it to improve your Amazon seller performance.

What Is An Amazon Defect Rate (ODR)?

It's a tool Amazon uses to check how good sellers are at customer service. This metric evaluates the percentage of the orders that get sent back because of issues like missing stuff, wrong items, or damage.

If the ODR is high, customers often send back orders – not a good sign. This suggests the seller might be dropping the ball on customer service.

But if the ODR is low, that's a thumbs-up! It means customers like what they're getting and how it's being handled.

How to Evaluate Amazon Order Defect Rate?

ODR is all about finding out what percentage of orders got sent back or canceled because something wasn't right with the product or service.

To do the math, divide the number of orders with issues by the total number of orders you got in a specific timeframe. Then, multiply the result by 100 to get your ODR as a percentage. Here's the formula:

Amazon Order Defect Rate = (Defected orders / Total Order received) x 100

For instance, if you had 20 orders that didn't cut in the past month, and the total orders placed were 400, your Amazon Order Defect Rate would be 5%.

How to Check Amazon Order Defect Rate?

Here are some steps that will help you monitor your Amazon Order Defect Rate:

  1. Open your Amazon Seller Central account and go to the 'Performance' tab.
  1. Choose 'Account Health' from the menu.
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  1. Look at the info there. It tells you your current Order Defect Rate (ODR).
  1. If your ODR is too high, check the data for why.
  1. Fix any problems causing the high ODR.
  1. Check your ODR regularly.
  1. Set up alerts to tell you when the ODR goes too high.

What Causes Amazon Order Defect Rate Suspension? 

To keep your Amazon seller account safe from suspension or deactivation, it's crucial to maintain an ODR of under 1%.

If your Amazon order defect rate over 1%, it indicates many negative feedback and complaints regarding your orders. In such cases, Amazon may take various actions against your account.

This could involve reducing your visibility, limiting your ability to offer specific promotions, or even suspending your account. In the event of Amazon order defect rate suspension, Amazon allows a 17-day window for you to craft a Plan of Action (POA) to present before reinstatement. After passing that period, you send an Amazon order defect rate appeal to the Amazon seller performance team to remove the suspension.

Factors Affecting Amazon Order Defect Rate

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Let's explore the factors directly influencing your Amazon Order Defect Rate:

  1. A-to-Z Guarantee

Amazon offers an A-to-Z Guarantee covering issues like late deliveries, incorrect items, missing items, damaged products, and orders not matching their descriptions. This protection assists customers in filing claims for defective orders. Amazon then investigates these claims, providing replacements or refunds, potentially impacting your Amazon ODR.

  1. Credit Card Chargeback

When a customer rejects a charge on their credit card, it's known as a chargeback. This typically occurs when the customer is unhappy with the service or receives a defective product. Based on the outcome, Amazon investigates refund requests and may replace or refund the product. This process can influence your Amazon ODR.

  1. Negative Feedback

While some negative feedback is unavoidable in Amazon FBA, a consistent stream may signal customer dissatisfaction with your product or service. Amazon may look into the reasons behind persistent negative feedback and issue replacements or refunds, impacting your overall ODR.

5 Effective Ways to Improve Order Defect Rate Amazon

If your Amazon Order Defect Rate is heading in the wrong direction, here are practical strategies to turn things around and keep your business thriving:

  1. Address all Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can be disheartening, but addressing it is crucial for your Amazon ODR and overall business. Identify patterns in negative reviews and understand A-to-Z Guarantee claims to pinpoint ODR issues. If late deliveries or product discrepancies are recurring problems, prioritize improvements. Try to deliver quality products and exceptional customer service.

  1. Ensure Fast and Free Shipping

Swift and free shipping is essential to prevent negative feedback about delivery delays. Whether you handle orders or use third-party logistics, provide accurate handling times. Alternatively, consider switching to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for efficient and prompt delivery, contributing to ODR improvement.

  1. Monitor Your Product Listing

Review and optimize your Amazon listing to ensure accuracy. Confirm that product images and descriptions align with the actual product. Incorrect information can confuse customers and lead to dissatisfaction. Continuously monitor and enhance your listing to optimize the overall shopping experience.

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  1. Optimize Fulfillment Processes for Peak Periods

During peak periods like holidays, adjust your order quantities to manage the increased demand effectively. Late deliveries during busy seasons can elevate your ODR. Implementing a seamless fulfillment process is crucial. Also, use inventory management tools to manage or remove inventory and streamline fulfillment, especially during peak times.

  1. Use High-Quality Packaging

Damaged items contribute to a high ODR. If customers receive damaged products, they're likely to leave negative feedback. Whether self-fulfilling or using Amazon FBA, use Amazon frustration-free packaging to prevent damage during shipping. Adhere to Amazon's packaging guidelines for FBA to ensure items are accepted intact at fulfillment centers.


Make sure your Amazon Order Defect Rate is low for a successful business. You can do this by offering secure and fast delivery, optimizing product listing, addressing negative feedback, and managing your inventory. Also, you can reduce returns by ensuring accurate product descriptions to avoid upsetting customers. The main thing is to keep customers happy and always work to meet their expectations.

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What Is The Order Defect Rate On Amazon?

The Order Defect Rate on Amazon is a metric that measures the percentage of defective orders, including negative feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and credit card chargebacks.

How To Improve The Order Defect Rate Amazon?

To improve your ODR, focus on providing excellent customer service, accurately describing your products, shipping orders promptly, and resolving any customer issues promptly.

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