Top 10 Proven Strategies on How To Improve Amazon Ranking

Top 10 Proven Strategies on How To Improve Amazon Ranking

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Achieving a high ranking on Amazon is a pivotal strategy to boost sales, ensuring increased visibility among potential customers navigating the platform.

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Key Highlights

  1. Amazon's A10 algorithm evaluates rankings based on customer reviews, image quality, pricing, and relevance to user queries.
  1. According to JungleScout, products on the first page secure approximately 80% of all clicks.
  1. Including high-quality images, adherence to Amazon guidelines, and strategic keyword usage is crucial for higher rankings.
  1. Choosing the right match types in Amazon PPC strategy improves click-through rates.
  1. Utilizing A+ Content and A/B testing contributes to a positive customer experience and improves product rankings.

Why We Wrote This?

This content intends to provide sellers on Amazon with actionable strategies to enhance their product rankings on the platform. Understanding the key factors considered by Amazon's algorithm and implementing effective optimization techniques can significantly impact visibility, click-through rates, and overall sales success.

Therefore, we've discussed below how Amazon A10 Algorithm evaluates rankings and effective tips on how to improve your Amazon ranking.

How Does Amazon's A10 Algorithm Evaluate Rankings?

If you’re thinking about how to improve Amazon ranking, it's crucial first to understand the mechanics of the ranking system. Unlike Google, external factors such as social media presence and backlinks hold no sway over Amazon's ranking mechanism. When users initiate a search on Amazon, the algorithm sifts through its catalog of listed products to provide relevant results.

According to JungleScout, products featured on the first page secure approximately 80% of all clicks, with the top three listings on page one capturing around 60% of those clicks. So, how does Amazon determine the order in which products appear in search results?

Several factors play a pivotal role in influencing product placement:

  • Customer Reviews: Products with a 4+ star rating receive higher rankings on Amazon. Amazon prioritizes products that garner positive reviews, as shoppers are more inclined to purchase highly-rated items. Also, using fake reviews can negatively impact customers as most rely on Amazon review checker tools.
  • Image Quality: Clear and high-quality images significantly impact the likelihood of conversions. Potential buyers rely on visual clarity to assess product suitability, making Amazon product photography a determinant for higher rankings.
  • Pricing: Amazon evaluates your conversion potential based on your pricing strategy. Products priced competitively are more favorably ranked as users opt for the best deals. Conversely, the most expensive items on Amazon may be ranked lower, anticipating a lower conversion rate.
  • Relevance to Query: Amazon's ranking algorithm considers the relevance of your product to search results. This assessment is based on your product title, description, and keywords.

How to Improve Amazon Ranking: 10 Most-Effective Tips

Now let's delve into 10 effective steps to enhance your Amazon ranking:

1. Optimize Your Product Listings

Continuous Amazon listing optimization is a dynamic process pivotal for boosting rankings and conversions. To maximize conversions, consider the following:

  • High-Quality Images: Optimizing Amazon product images impact conversion rates. Supplement them with infographics showcasing product usage or features.
  • Adherence to Amazon Guidelines: Ensure compliance with Amazon listing guidelines when incorporating images and videos.
  • Keyword Optimization: Include relevant keywords in your product title, emphasizing benefits and variations. Prioritize the order of bullet points strategically.
  • Backend Keywords: Effectively utilize backend keywords, avoiding repetition from the main listing.

2. Optimizing Your Keyword Strategy

how to improve keyword ranking amazon

A smart strategy incorporating the right keywords and phrases is essential to optimize ads for conversions and sales. However, identifying the right keywords is only the initial step. Now, you might be thinking about how to improve keyword ranking on Amazon. To improve your keyword ranking, you need to enhance overall ad performance; this is where Amazon match types play a vital role.

Amazon Match Types

Choosing an appropriate match type for your keywords guides Amazon in determining how to match them with related search queries. The right match type ensures that your ad reaches the most relevant audience, preventing wasteful spending on ads unlikely to result in sales.

Broad Match:

  • General matching is where a search term may align with the keyword terms in any order.
  • Cost-effective, but caution is necessary to avoid irrelevant searches that may not convert into sales.

Phrase Match:

  • Requires the search term to contain the exact phrase or sequence of words to match the chosen keyword.
  • Offers more control over the search terms while being less expensive and restrictive than exact match.

Exact Match:

  • Demands an exact match of the search term with the keyword or sequence of words for the ad to show.
  • The most competitive and expensive option is narrowing the types of searches the ad will appear in.

Negative Match:

  • Amazon negative keywords disregard search terms that include the identified keyword.
  • It helps exclude irrelevant searches and enhance overall click-through rates (CTR).

Improving Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Low CTR indicates that your ad may not appeal to shoppers or is irrelevant to their needs. Correctly selecting match types for your keywords significantly impacts improving CTR. Additionally, using Amazon platinum keywords helps minimize ad appearances in irrelevant searches, enhancing overall CTR.

3. Amazon EBC or A+ Content Manager

how to improve amazon sales rank

Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), or A+ Content, is a powerful tool for engaging customers. This content enhances the customer experience, fortifies branding efforts, and contributes to building a reputable image. Products featuring A+ content exhibit higher conversion rates, attract positive reviews, and experience optimized Amazon return rates.

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content on Ranking:

  • It is a branding tool that allows sellers to showcase their products visually appealingly.
  • A+ Content contributes to building a positive reputation for your brand and products.
  • Products with A+ Content are more likely to convert potential customers into buyers.
  • A well-presented product page attracts better reviews from satisfied customers.
  • The enhanced customer experience often leads to lower return rates.

4. Referral Traffic for Ranking High

If you want to know how to improve Amazon search ranking, follow the below points:

  • Finding Target Customers: Identify your target customers and understand their online behavior and content preferences.
  • Drive Traffic to a Landing Page: Redirect external traffic from sources like Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads to a dedicated landing page on Amazon.
  • Importance of Landing Pages: Landing pages cater to potential customers who may not have an immediate purchase intent, preserving conversion rates.

Achieving a prominent position on Amazon's first page involves optimizing Amazon listings and outperforming competitors. Leveraging external traffic can provide a competitive edge, driving sales and contributing to overall success.

5. Earn Positive Reviews

how to improve organic ranking on amazon

In online commerce, positive reviews substantially influence, often serving as personal recommendations. The correlation between a product's positive reviews and its position in Amazon search results is undeniable. Products that secure higher rankings for broader search terms boast more positive reviews.

To boost your Amazon presence, actively seek customer feedback and reviews. Positive reviews inspire trust and significantly elevate your product's visibility in search results. Additionally, cultivating robust seller feedback is imperative for long-term success, providing a crucial metric to gauge your performance on the Amazon platform.

6. Perform A/B Testing

Continuous testing and optimization are key elements of a successful Amazon strategy. Regularly update your product listings, prices, and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), ensuring alignment with SEO best practices and your target audience's preferences.

Conduct A/B testing to discern the most effective content and meticulously track relevant metrics. This iterative testing process allows you to refine your approach, uncovering what resonates best with your audience.

7. Price Competitively

Are you wondering how to improve Amazon sales rank? Pricing stands out as a pivotal determinant of success on Amazon, directly impacting your eligibility for the coveted Amazon buy box. Regularly monitor pricing changes among your competitors and adapt your pricing strategy effectively.

Remaining vigilant about your pricing strategy enhances your chances of securing the Buy Box and influences customer perception. Offering competitive prices positions your products favorably in the marketplace, potentially attracting more sales and contributing to sustained success on the platform.

8. Amazon FBA for Superior Delivery

In the fast-paced e-commerce landscape, swift and reliable deliveries have become the industry standard. Establishing a dependable logistics system is paramount, particularly for Amazon sellers where customers anticipate rapid product deliveries. Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon service emerges as a game-changer.

By entrusting FBA with order management, sellers can divert their focus to other critical aspects of their business. The seamless order fulfillment by FBA ensures prompt deliveries and facilitates positive customer experiences, leading to enhanced rankings on Amazon. Additionally, the convenience of FBA positively influences customer feedback, further increasing seller standings.

9. Your Product Availability

Managing inventory is pivotal for maintaining steady sales, retaining customers, and improving Amazon rankings. Striking the right balance is crucial; sufficient inventory must be maintained based on product demand to prevent customers from turning to competitors.

10. Use Amazon PPC to Rank Higher for Organic Results

amazon sponsored ppc

Those new sellers who want to know how to improve their organic ranking on Amazon must leverage Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. In this case, Amazon PPC agency helps you target specific keywords in PPC campaigns and boost visibility. This Amazon advertising strategy enhances your chances of ranking higher organically, providing a dynamic strategy to strengthen your Amazon presence.


We hope our guide on how to improve Amazon ranking helps you understand the A10 algorithm and multifaceted approach to boost ranking. By optimizing product listings, doing Amazon keyword research, utilizing A+ content, earning positive reviews, and maintaining competitive pricing, you can elevate your Amazon ranking and drive visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Improve Organic Ranking On Amazon?

You can improve organic ranking by optimizing product listings, images, keywords, Amazon PPC, and backend search terms.

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