Sellers Guide: 15+ Expert Tips On Amazon Prime Day 2024

Sellers Guide: 15+ Expert Tips On Amazon Prime Day 2024

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Are you seeking valuable insights to supercharge your sales on this year's Prime Day event? Amazon has officially announced the dates (Jul 11 and 12, 2024) and sellers need to rapidly prepare to get the most out of this year's Prime Big Deal Days. Being an Amazon seller, you may dream of getting a flood of sales that can be a game-changer for your business revenue.

But most of you might think about how to prepare for Amazon Prime Big Deals Day. So, in this guide, we'll reveal priceless strategies and tips tailored for Prime members that will set them on the path to victory. Let's dive into the details.

How to Prepare For Prime Big Deal 2024: 10 Tips for Amazon Prime Day Seller

Getting ready for Prime Big Day Deals is pivotal for any Prime seller who wants to increase traffic and boost sales. Therefore, to ensure you make the most out of this highly anticipated event, here are some invaluable tips for Prime members:

1. Optimize Product Listings Early

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how to prepare for amazon prime day 2023

Start by optimizing your product listings well in advance of Prime Day. This step is crucial to reach potential customers and enhance your conversion rate effectively. Here are some key actions to take:

  • Craft compelling and detailed product titles that accurately represent your offerings.
  • Create engaging and benefit-focused bullet points to entice potential buyers.
  • Include high-resolution product images from various angles for a clear understanding.
  • Strategically incorporate high-converting and relevant Amazon negative keywords based on competitor analysis.
  • Add featured videos to highlight key product features and leverage A+ content for an enhanced customer experience.

2. Choose Your Products Wisely

Selecting the right products to promote during Prime Day is essential. Focus on your best-selling products and consider trending items to maximize return on investment.

Look for products with positive ratings (3.5 stars or higher) and a substantial number of reviews to build trust among potential buyers. Ensure your product listings are optimized, and you can easily replenish stock to prevent running out of inventory during the high-demand period of Prime Day.

Also, if you want to remove inventory from Amazon, read our guide on How to Remove Inventory from Amazon.

3. Analyze Historical Performance and Sales Trends

Check the historical data from previous Prime Day events and major sales occasions. Understand sales patterns, identify top-selling products, and detect trends.

Use this information to optimize your inventory, adjust pricing strategies, and refine marketing efforts. Recognize effective strategies from the past, such as flash or bundle deals, and apply them strategically.

4. Build Social Proof with Reviews

Collecting customer reviews is vital for establishing trust and credibility as an Amazon seller. Focus on gathering recent reviews to reassure potential buyers about your product's quality. More reviews can improve your product's ranking and boost conversions.

Also, if you want to check product reviews, read our guide on 6 best Amazon Review Checker tools.

6. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Harness the power of influencer marketing to create brand awareness and drive sales. Select influencers whose viewers match your target market and whose values align with yours. Collaborate with influencers to create engaging campaigns, including lifestyle images and captivating content highlighting your Prime Day deals.

7. Set Up Amazon PPC Campaigns in Advance

Maximize the impact of your Amazon PPC campaigns during Prime Day by preparing ahead:

  • Create both manual and automatic campaigns to increase search visibility.
  • Regularly review the search terms report to optimize keywords.
  • Utilize Sponsored Brands and Prospecting Display campaigns for brand awareness.
  • Allocate budget for brand awareness and prospecting campaigns.
  • Plan campaign approvals in advance to avoid last-minute delays.

8. Create Product Bundles

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Boost sales and increase average order value by creating product bundles that complement each other. This strategy saves customers time and offers a convenient one-click solution to their needs, encouraging higher spending.

Also, if you want to maximize your product sales, read our guide on Amazon Attribution Service, which will elevate your Amazon profits.

9. Use Deals and Discounts

Implement time-limited deals and discounts to drive sales momentum. Submit competitive deals for multiple products, offer enticing promotions, and consider extending these offers throughout Prime Day week to capture a broader audience.

Also, if you want to avoid scams on this Prime Day sale, read our guide on Amazon refund trick without return.

10. Give Prime Exclusive Discounts

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While Lightning Deals grab the spotlight, Amazon sellers have another ace up their sleeves during the Prime Fall Deal Event. An Amazon Prime Exclusive Discount is a tantalizing price reduction exclusively available to Prime members.

When shoppers browse these deals, they'll see the discounted price prominently displayed, with the regular price struck through and the percentage saved highlighted. Here's how to set up a Prime Exclusive Discount in Seller Central:

  • Click on the Advertising tab in Seller Central.
  • Click on "Prime Exclusive Discounts".

Typically, you can configure these enticing discounts during the week of the sale. Keep a vigilant eye on Seller Central for the precise timing.

11. Take Advantage of Vine Enrollment Opportunities

The recent introduction of a cap on Vine enrollment brings exciting opportunities for sellers like you. Now, you can enroll up to 200 ASINs to receive valuable product reviews from trusted Prime members.

This change allows you to expand your reach and gather essential feedback on a broader range of your products. It's a golden opportunity to harness the insights and endorsements from vetted Prime members, enhancing your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.

12. Create an Amazon Store Subcategory Page for Prime Day

Setting up a dedicated Prime Day subcategory is a strategic move if you're already running an Amazon Storefront. This subcategory will be your central hub for all things Prime Day, housing your exclusive deals and discounts.

Here's why creating an Amazon Store subcategory for Prime Day is a smart move:

  • Streamlined Shopping Experience: It simplifies the shopping journey for your customers by directing them to one central location where they can easily find and explore your Prime Day offers.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: With a dedicated subcategory, you'll improve the chances of conversion as shoppers can efficiently browse through your Prime Day deals.

13. Harness the Power of Amazon Posts

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Amazon Posts is a relatively recent tool that empowers sellers to create visually engaging, social media-style content directly on Amazon. By leveraging Amazon Posts strategically, you can significantly boost product discovery, increase brand visibility, and engage with customers effectively.

Here's how to make the most of Amazon Posts during Prime Day:

  • Multi-Touchpoint Exposure: Your Amazon Posts will appear on various Amazon pages, including product detail pages, feeds, and related product sections. This broad exposure ensures that your products remain top-of-mind for potential customers during Prime Day
  • Feature Top-Performing Products: To generate buzz and awareness for your products, consider featuring your best-selling items in your Amazon Posts

14. Conduct A/B Testing

In the lead-up to Prime Day 2024, consider running multiple A/B tests on your product listings and A+ content. This strategy will help you determine the most effective way to present your products to shoppers, optimizing your chances of success.

Likewise, experiment with variations of your Sponsored Brand ads and Display Ads, including featured images, layouts, and headlines. A/B testing will provide valuable insights to fine-tune your advertising strategy and maximize profitability during Prime Day.

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15. Utilize Amazon Direct Fulfillment

If you're a vendor registered on Amazon, one of the most advantageous steps for Prime Day 2024 is to embrace Amazon Direct Fulfillment. This program enables vendors to seamlessly share real-time inventory data with Amazon through electronic data interchange (EDI).

Here are the benefits of Amazon Direct Fulfillment during Prime Day:

  • "Ships and Sold by Amazon" Badge: Your products will receive the coveted "Ships and Sold by Amazon" badge, enhancing their appeal and conversion rates.
  • Expanded Product Catalog: You can make your entire product catalog available to customers, increasing the range of options they can explore.
  • No Out-of-Stock Issues: Even if Amazon's warehouses run low on stock, you won't miss out on sales as Amazon can access inventory directly from EDI.
  • Streamlined Customer Service: Amazon will handle all customer service aspects for your products, including returns and refunds.

Also, if you want to start FBA Private Label, read our guide on How to Start an Amazon FBA Private Label.


Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 2024 promises an opportunity like no other. You can turn the tables in your favor with exclusive access to millions of potential customers. Moreover, effective research and planning are only half the battle. However, by following our tips for Prime sellers on Prime Big Day Deals, you can position your business to make the most of this event. Don't miss the chance to optimize your Amazon presence and make the most of Prime Big Day Deals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Increase Sales On Amazon Prime Day?

To increase sales on Amazon Prime Day, you can start by optimizing your product listings, offering competitive pricing, running targeted advertising campaigns, and leveraging Amazon's promotional tools like Lightning Deals and Coupons.

How Does Prime Day Affect Amazon Sellers?

Prime Day can significantly impact Amazon sellers by providing a sales boost and increased visibility for their products.

How Can I Ensure My Inventory Is Ready For Amazon Prime Day?

To prepare your inventory for Amazon Prime Day, monitor your stock levels, forecast demand, and consider using Fulfillment by Amazon to handle logistics.

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