The Importance of Building Brand Awareness Through Amazon Advertising

The Importance of Building Brand Awareness Through Amazon Advertising

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Gone are the days when customers were instantly impressed by the outlook of products and impulsively decide to buy products without having to investigate thoroughly about their features and benefits. Instead, they go through several online platforms to confirm if they can really get from the products what they are looking for. And thus, their buying behavior has led marketers, especially who are selling on Amazon, to curate the marketing strategies that can help them build brand awareness through Amazon advertising.

Now advertising on Amazon is not just restricted to achieving direct response goals. Rather, it requires to be focusing on the brand-building potential that can eventually lead to having increased sales.

But how can you increase brand awareness to be successful on Amazon? In this blog post, you will look at some extremely effective ways that can help you increase brand awareness through Amazon advertising.

Amazon DSP Advertisers - A key To Increase Awareness and Consideration Using Amazon Advertising

If you want to reach more people who visit Amazon, then using their own proprietary DSP is an excellent way for your marketing campaign. The platform offers detailed segmentation and targeting options so that marketers can target customers based on what they've purchased before. And it’s done all while delivering high-quality advertising at relevant moments throughout each user session!

The way to be successful in marketing is by utilizing the power of a DSP. The Amazon Demand-Side Platform allows you not only to target display inventory both on and off Amazon but also provides tools that can help with campaign optimization so your campaigns will have better chances at being profitable!

We studied some Amazon DSP advertisers and the results showed that they increased their expenditure on campaigns from 26% to 6% in a year. And these campaigns were mainly targeting building awareness and consideration.

When you invest in a brand awareness campaign, not only do people know about your company but they also start to see the value and reliability that comes with investing their money into something worthwhile. Thus, investing in a well-executed brand awareness campaign can have the effect of driving more customers to purchase your product or service.

Similarly, there’s also a significant increase in the total DSP purchases which are associated with brand advertising that undertakes new-to-brand metrics. Moreover, these metrics help identify customers that have not purchased in the last twelve months from a brand on Amazon.

Investing in Amazon advertising

It's no secret that investing in campaigns to build brand awareness can lead to more sales. This is because people are purchasing from brands they know, rather than picking one out at random and having never heard of them before!

It is no secret that in this era, people are likely to be more skeptical of new businesses they come across online. One way around having an uphill battle trying to get people interested is through investing time into building your brand awareness. And it must be done before even launching any campaigns aimed at attracting customers and standing out amongst your competitors!

With Dynamic Ecommerce Ads, advertisers can create purchase-focused campaigns that focus on building the brand. However, it can be effectively done with static banners and lifestyle images for a more immersive experience. That is extremely important for marketers who want their messages heard loud and clear about what they deliver to the customers.

If we look beyond Amazon DSP, Amazon's Sponsored Brands program is also very successful and therefore advertisers are finding innovative ways to reach their audiences through this new platform.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Program

With the new metrics, you can now track your campaign's success by looking at different KPIs. The Amazon Sponsored Brand ad format will give advertisers a better understanding of how they are doing in terms of impressions and clicks on their product pages - as well as other placements.

According to a study, advertisers' share grew from 58% to 60% in the last quarter. This is an encouraging sign for new brands looking into Sponsored Brand advertising.

The information uncovered in this study gives insight into how new-to-brand share moved during the core weeks of the winter holiday shopping season. It seems that consumers were more likely to buy from a company they had never heard of before or seen commercials for. It means there's a potential worth exploring these avenues further with your marketing strategy!

This is why it seems that buyers are more willing to purchase products from brands they haven’t bought anything recently or in at least a year during the holidays.

The holiday shopping season is one of the most important times for retailers, and it's crucial that they know how much profit to generate during a season.

The days when people would simply wander into your store and buy something are long gone! You need a proper plan if you want any chance at success, so be sure to think about what products or services will sell best. And design an advertising campaign based on your goals.

Brands looking to reach new customers should pay extra close attention and adjust bids to make sure that ads are reaching the competitive top-of-page placements.

Wrapping Up:

The last few years have seen a major evolution in the way advertising is being used on Amazon. Those that are able to take advantage of the brand-building potentials offered by both Amazon search and display formats will be able to maximize their output from advertising on this platform. Marketers who don't do so have a harder time competing moving forward, as those with more budget or skilled teams should already know about these benefits!

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