Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Photography [7 Key Optimizations Included]

Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Photography [7 Key Optimizations Included]

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With fierce competition on Amazon, keep your product images strong. In simple terms, top-notch product photos boost conversions and sell your product.

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  1. OnlineDasher says high-quality product images lead to a 94% higher conversion rate than low-quality ones.
  2. Compelling main product images significantly increases click-through rates, serving as potential buyers' initial point of contact.
  3. Optimizing Amazon product photography includes image framing, lighting, main image quality, infographics, image count, etc.
  4. Interbrand’s Survey says unique, branded images set products apart, leading to a 23% increase in customer loyalty.
  5. Lifestyle and product working photography increases customer engagement.

Why We Wrote This?

This article enlightens Amazon sellers about the profound impact of high-quality product images on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. By highlighting the importance of clear, compelling visuals, we aim to highlight how effective photography directly correlates with increased conversions, brand differentiation, and overall sales success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Therefore, in this article, we cover the importance of Amazon product photography, best practices, and hiring a professional photographer.

Why Does Amazon Product Photography Matter?

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The significance of high-quality images on the world's largest online marketplace cannot be overstated, and understanding why they matter is pivotal for Amazon sellers who want to thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

Let's break down why they're so crucial.

  1. Clear Pictures for Online Shoppers

Customers heavily rely on visual information without the ability to physically touch and feel products. High-resolution and clear product photos showcasing the item from various angles provide a virtual tactile experience, instilling confidence in potential buyers.

OnlineDasher says that product photos of high quality exhibited a staggering 94% higher conversion rate than their low-quality counterparts.

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  1. Standout Hero Images

The main product image serves as the initial point of contact for potential buyers, akin to the cover of a book. Compelling hero images are essential Amazon customer engagement tool that entices them to explore the product further.

Products with professionally shot hero images witness an increase in click-through rates compared to those with amateurish or generic visuals.

  1. Building Trust with Quality Images

High-quality images contribute to building trust with Amazon buyers. Customers associate the perceived quality of product images with the product's reliability.

According to OnlineDasher, 75% of online shoppers depend on product photos to guide purchasing decisions.

  1. Making a Quick Impression

The first visual impression is paramount in the fast-paced online environment with limited attention spans. Potential buyers often make split-second decisions based on the appeal of product images.

According to research by DataBox, posts with 3+ images show an average time on page increase from 3 - 9 minutes. This means that adding more product images will increase conversions on your Amazon page as well.

  1. Creating a Brand Look on Amazon

Unique, branded images set your products apart from competitors. Avoiding generic visuals from suppliers helps create a distinct brand identity on the Amazon platform.

According to Interbrand’s survey, brands with consistent and recognizable imagery experience a 23% increase in customer loyalty.

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  1. Boosting Sales with Visuals

Including more images and infographics doesn't just attract more eyes; it directly correlates with increased sales. Visual appeal plays a crucial role in convincing potential buyers to purchase.

According to DataHawk analysis, adding 3 to 4 images results in a notable +12% increase in conversion rates. Moreover, the impact becomes even more substantial by adding 3 to 5, with a remarkable boost of +23% in conversion rates. This highlights the strategic significance of optimizing Amazon product images to enhance overall conversion performance.

  1. Showing How Your Product Works

Lifestyle images that showcase the product in real-world scenarios give customers a deeper understanding of how it fits into their lives.

According to UnderstandingEcommerce statistics, integrating 360 photography correlates with a 32% increase in customer engagement. This heightened engagement can be attributed to the interactive nature of exploring 360 views on a webpage, which proves more captivating than simply scrolling through static images.

Ultimately, your shoppers spending more time on your Amazon product pages will increase conversion rates.

  1. Making a Quick Positive Impact

The rapid decision-making process of buyers underscores the importance of Amazon product photography. Product photos stand out for Amazon buyers as a crucial element in their buying journey.

The ability to visually assess a product holds immense importance, as it instills confidence and provides essential information. When shoppers can see a product, they feel more empowered, informed, and ready to make confident purchasing decisions.

7 Best Practices For Refining Your Amazon Product Photography

Ensuring your Amazon product photography stands out requires attention to key elements that boost product visibility and inform potential customers.

To optimize your product photography for Amazon, consider the following tips:

  1. Optimal Image Framing

Amazon recommends that the main image of your Amazon listing and all other images featuring the product occupy at least 85% of the frame. If your product appears "too small" within the photo, it may seem awkward to potential customers reviewing your listing.

  1. Adequate Lighting

Before capturing photos for your Amazon product listing, ensure proper lighting to present your product naturally and appealingly. Inadequate lighting can obscure features, while excessive brightness can lead to overexposed images.

For self-photography, investing in an affordable ring light photography kit, readily available on Amazon, can provide versatile lighting options from different angles and ensure a pure white background by including a lightbox. However, hiring a professional Amazon management agency to click compelling photos of your product and optimize them according to customers’ demands is better.

  1. Captivating Main Image

Your main image is customers' first encounter while searching Amazon's search results. To boost click-through rates, ensure your main image is bright, bold, and high-quality, showcasing your product flatteringly.

Compare it with competitors' images to identify opportunities for improvement. Adherence to Amazon's product image requirements, including a pure white background and excluding text or logos, is vital.

  1. Informative Infographics
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Beyond the main image, leverage the freedom to add text, graphics, and unique backgrounds to the remaining six images. Stand out by incorporating product infographics that highlight specific features and benefits. Infographics offer a visually appealing way to communicate information, providing customers with insights into your product without relying solely on written descriptions.

For example, if you're marketing a matte shade lipstick boasting an impressive 15-hour staying power while competitors offer products with a 10-hour staying power. This distinction is a valuable selling point you should communicate to your customers. Make it a point to inform them about the exceptional benefits of your product.

By emphasizing such unique features, you set your product apart and give customers compelling reasons to choose your lipstick over competitors'.

  1. Maximizing Image Count

Take full advantage of Amazon's allowance for up to seven images. Showcase different angles, infographics, and lifestyle images illustrating product usage. Strive to balance information without overcrowding images, ensuring customers have comprehensive insights into the product.

  1. Instructional Photos
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For products requiring assembly or installation, include instructional photos. Demonstrating these processes instills confidence in potential customers, addressing their concerns about product complexity.

For example, if you’re selling a juicer machine, a photo showing its assembling will help you attract more buyers. These photos help buyers to understand how your product works and make them more confident of their choice.

  1. Differentiating with Comparison Charts
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In a competitive Amazon marketplace, standing out is crucial. Utilize comparison charts to underscore your product's unique features and advantages without directly calling out competitors. Include images of similar products and provide a checklist of features, highlighting how your product excels in comparison.

Consider Professional Amazon Product Photography Service

Many sellers find themselves grappling with the challenge of creating compelling visuals for their Amazon listings. In today's highly competitive market, we recommend hiring a professional Amazon product photographer for your product images. While it may seem like an additional expense, the cost of professional product photography is a worthy investment.

Need Assistance with Your Images?

Creating captivating images isn't always a breeze, but that doesn't mean you have to go it alone. If you’re looking for professional Amazon product photography services, Swift will help you by listing images that entice customers to click, linger, and develop a keen interest in your product. Our team boasts significant experience collaborating with sellers to optimize and capture high-quality product images.

Do you want to increase your product sales? Read our guide on Amazon Q4 Game Plan for Sellers.


Amazon product photography is a decisive factor for Amazon sellers. From building trust to creating a brand identity and boosting sales, Amazon product photography highlights the importance of optimizing product images. So, stand out in the Amazon market by mastering product photography – your pathway to capturing attention, building trust, and thriving in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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How To Do Product Photography For Amazon?

To do product photography, choose a well-lit space with natural light, use a white backdrop, and invest in basic photography equipment like a good camera, tripod, and lighting setup.

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