Why You Should Choose A Full-Service Amazon Strategy?

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Retail brands that operate on the brick-and-mortar model typically have a disadvantage when it comes to managing their Amazon marketplace strategy.

Outsourcing to a number of agencies is an effective way for brands to have their needs met without the need or expense associated with hiring full-time employees. But this can have unwanted repercussions for the business in the long run.

Keeping a digital retail strategy together is no easy feat! It's difficult to overcome the problems that can arise from scattered moving parts. And this can abrupt the overall functioning of the business leading to loss.

That's the reason you need a full-service Amazon strategy in place. At Swiftstart, we offer a fully-integrated Amazon solution to brands like yours for a number of advantages, from leveraging content to marketing efforts across all channels. Our services also give you complete control over how your brand is being portrayed on social media and other online platforms through influencer marketing or branded hashtags for increased visibility during peak shopping periods. And not just that, there are several other benefits you can get from it.

Let’s go through these advantages in detail below:

Helps You Get Data Insights

There are many different channels for a brand to sell its products on, and some of these can be hard to understand. On Amazon, there can be many sellers — some authorized and some that may not have been authorized by the company. In such a situation, it becomes even more challenging when trying to get an accurate picture of the sales data without any gaps in information because they're coming from all over!

But if we turn this around so you have one point where everything feeds into - say via FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) — then suddenly things become much clearer indeed. Such data is extremely valuable for different processes such as marketing, customer service, packaging, content, etc.

Helps in Creating the Right Marketing Strategy

The most compelling reason for brands to invest in a full-service Amazon strategy is that it provides them with valuable insights. Such a strategy uses data insights that fuel for making informed decisions about when, where, and how much of your product(s) should hit shelves or marketplaces.

With comprehensive information available at all times from online sources like Google Analytics plus social media channels such as Instagram - there really isn't anything stopping you!

Most companies without insights find themselves ruining their own marketing efforts which leaves potential customers left out and results in loss of potential sales.

Manages Order Returns

Managing returns is tough, especially when you have no idea why customers are returning your products. Without a full-service Amazon strategy dealing with packaging flaws or customer pain points that they're experiencing with your brand's product line-up then this becomes even more challenging!

This way, it'll be hard to know what could make for improved experiences in order to improve overall customer satisfaction levels. Luckily, having a company specialized in a full-service Amazon strategy can help you with that.

Helps Curate Right Content

The content you create should provide everything your customers need to make an informed purchase decision. Product descriptions, product images, A+ content, and feature points are all important for providing the best possible experience so that consumers can fall in love with what they're buying from us. And this can only be done if brands know how people interact with their content!

Enhanced Coordination

When changes happen, it’s important to be able to smoothly coordinate across all business functions. But it can be difficult to keep up with changes when business functions are spread across multiple places.

Such changes often require partners from other companies as well which could slow down or otherwise disrupt a project's timeline significantly - especially if these integrations or changes have never been done before!

In order for your company and its various departments to stay on top of the competition - whether that's e-commerce or not- having one centralized place where all employees improve together will save time. With our fully-integrated Amazon strategy, you get detailed information and reports not just on what data is being provided by customer accounts but also any updates made since the last time those records were checked.

More Consistent Brand Voice

Amazon has become a behemoth in the e-commerce world, and maintaining branding efforts on this platform is difficult. The Amazon strategy integrates every aspect of your brand messaging into one place giving you more control over what gets seen by potential customers; not just through their website but also ads across social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Having a fully-integrated Amazon strategy means every aspect of your brand messaging is handled in one place, giving you more control and keeping the brand voice consistent across all platforms.

In a Nutshell

With the rise in e-commerce, customers have more choices than ever when it comes to where they buy their goods. In order to stay competitive, businesses need a full-service Amazon strategy that helps them grow their market share and revenue.

This blog post is about how you can get started with your own full-service Amazon strategy by partnering with Swiftstart. Here is what you get from our services:

  • We provide detailed insights into how customers interact with the product page at every stage of their buying journey.
  • You'll know exactly where they're most likely to abandon their cart or add it to one.
  • We provide daily account management with a thorough understanding of Amazon marketing that can help you grow more sales.
  • We also monitor keywords used in search results so that when potential buyers come to your site from Google or Bing, they see relevant items immediately.
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