SwiftStart launched Fomin during the height of the pandemic. The brand is now expanding its product lines after tripling revenue.

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Need help troubleshooting a problem as an Amazon seller, or have a specific question regarding ecommerce marketplaces? We have coached dozens of brand owners and managers on our 30 minute calls.
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Am I the only one who struggles with the best checklist for my listings? I finally learnt how to optimize my product listings correctly which has boosted my rank and sales. Thank you!

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Tech mavens Geoff and Marty built SwiftStart to grow brands on Amazon and online marketplaces. SwiftStart employs over 65 people across 3 continents with offices in the United States, Canada, and China. The company manages over $25M in annual revenue across 16 brands, invests over $10M annually in inventory, and actively manages over 200K SKUs.

Use our proven expertise on these 30 minute coaching calls to resolve a problem, or ask your specific question.

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