Why do I need a brand partner?

Launching a brand on Amazon in 2021 is no small feat. Gone are the days of simple sourcing, unedited copy and base images. In order to succeed each step of the process must run like a fine tuned machine; but why go through all the growing pains when you can have an experienced partner guide you instead? Our team has already spent the time and money to build a refined system by not only launching successful brands but also learning from the unsuccessful ones.

What sets Swiftstart’s analysis apart from competitors?

Swiftstart doesn’t limit its analysis to eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, our team takes a top-down approach looking at retail and wholesale networks to determine where your brand is most likely to succeed.

How do I protect my brand on Amazon?

With the majority of sellers on Amazon being 3rd party, it is likely that someone will also sell your products on your listings. You should be flattered but worried, if not monitored through test buys and seller tracking, your brand could be blacklisted or even sued. Protection is best left to professionals – false complaints can backfire on you as a brand if you are too eager to enforce.

I have a strong logistic network, why do I need Swiftstart’s 3PL?

Simply put, wholesale and retail logistics are not the same as marketplace logistics. With marketplaces, you are playing by someone else's rules and you need to ensure you keep a strict eye on these unique regulations and changing standards.

Going international is a big step, how do I know my brand is ready?

Ultimately, only your team knows when you are ready for international expansion; however, with our expertise, this expansion can be realized much quicker than common perception would indicate. We will take your brand through a structured roll-out, introducing your brand to new marketplaces in a tailored process.

How do you ensure our customers are receiving the best support?

By completing the product training that you would normally give to retailers, our team will have firsthand knowledge of your products and will be able to properly assist your customers. We use the same team to handle both on and off Amazon support so you can be assured that your brand's support is being handled by people who eat and sleep your brand.

Our team already has a host of digital assets, can we use these?

Our creative team works closely with your brand's creative department each step of the way to determine the best path forward before creating any digital assets. Often our partners will have outstanding content for traditional retail and direct-to-consumer sites; sometimes, the digital content is not optimized for Amazon and that's where we step in.

Will new packaging affect our current procurement and raise costs?

Having Amazon only packaging adds a new layer of security to your products by showing customers exactly what to expect and discouraging resellers.

We can either use your existing suppliers, or our trusted and vetted ones. In addition, packaging design can be done on a listing-by-listing basis so that your brand is not dealing with too many moving parts at once.

What is Amazon Digital Marketing?

Much like Google or Facebook, Amazon has built their own advertising and keyword search engine that is designed specifically for their platform. As a result, strategies that work on Google or Facebook, do not necessarily translate to Amazon in an efficient manner - and when you’re dealing with ad spend, your strategy must be optimized. Amazon Digital Marketing outlines all the tools and strategies specifically built to optimize your ad and marketing strategy on Amazon.