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RV SnapPadTM

RV SnapPad manufactures and sells premium jackpads for RV's or motorhomes. The brand was underutilizing Amazon advertising and was short in overall sales.


SnapPad manufactures and sells premium jackpads for RVs or Motorhomes. RV SnapPads attach permanently to your RV leveling jacks, so you don't have to carry around blocks of wood or plastic blocks to level your RV or Motorhome. Simply "snap!" them on one time, and you're all set.

Oh Snap!

Read on to learn how we partnered to achieve 25% M-o-M growth.

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Although SnapPad had plenty of experience in creating excellent products, the brand wasn’t making good use of Amazon advertising, and with no ad campaigns in place, they were coming up distressingly short in overall sales.

Struggling with Inefficient Sale Models and Cost Management

The brand's core challenge stemmed from its exclusive reliance on an Amazon wholesaler for sales, leading to a lack of direct brand management and control. This indirect approach resulted in the emergence of unauthorized wholesalers, complicating distribution channels and diluting the brand's image. Upon our partnership, the pivotal step involved bringing Amazon account management in-house to regain brand authority, leading to the clearing up of unauthorized wholesalers.

We addressed existing agreements with unauthorized resellers and streamlined the distribution network to reaffirm the brand's market presence. Notably, during our collaboration, the brand achieved a cost-saving advantage, increasing margins by 12% compared to their previous sales through wholesalers.

Brand Reputation

A pivotal challenge we faced was to preserve the brand’s reputation. This issue revolved around certain wholesale resellers shipping products using incorrect packaging, leading to a detrimental impact on the brand's image. For instance, conducting a test purchase revealed a product arriving in packaging typically associated with toilet paper. This misaligned presentation significantly undermined the brand's standing in the eyes of consumers, with the brand itself bearing the brunt of this bad perception rather than the resellers. Addressing this inconsistency in packaging became crucial to maintaining a positive brand image and consumer confidence.

Slowed Growth

  • The listings didn’t reflect the premium look and feel required to sell big-ticket items
  • Inconsistent listings and content spread
  • Poor PPC execution and keyword targeting

Our Approach

How to steer a brand from chaos to coordinated strategy.

One of the major issues the brand faced was the resellers violating MAP compliance. We used a top-line approach to identify the business owners of the reselling Amazon accounts. We sent out initial warnings to the brands and then filed infringements via the Brand Registry to eliminate them for good. After removing all resellers, SnapPad won 100% Buy Box.
We went after rogue resellers with a brand protection strategy, reducing the number of sellers from more than 15 to just one within 1.5 months, and enforced their MAP policies, giving SnapPad control over their listings and pricing.

We started with market research in the RV Parts and Accessories category. We reviewed existing competitors’ product rank, pricing, customer reviews, fulfillment models, Amazon marketing, off-Amazon marketing, and more to build a better understanding of the current Amazon landscape. Figure out the way that cracks the competition.

SwiftStart executed an aggressive strategy and overhauled SnapPad’s listings to reach and convert more customers. Amazon product listings are where the rubber meets the road; all marketing efforts lead shoppers here, where they will decide to buy, save for later, or bounce. As such, we prioritized optimizing SnapPad’s Product Listings, giving attention to Copy, Images, A+ Content, and Marketplace Compliance.

SwiftStart worked on lifestyle images, improved CTR by 30%, created a new content strategy, and improved keyword indexing by revamping the SEO.

Building brand awareness on and off Amazon was crucial, so we launched a mix of Display Ads, Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, and a Deal of the Day. Before SwiftStart onboarded SnapPad, the brand was doing a wholesale model on Amazon. We took charge and revamped the business model to Private Label. In a short span of time, we are on pace to gross over 7 figures in the first 6 months of working together.

Leveraged auto campaigns and mined search query performance data to discover new keywords to add to more robust manual campaigns. Shifted budget mix from auto campaigns to manual campaigns to maximize spend on top-performing Placement and Keywords and scale revenue.

Most brands we launch start with a 20% to 30% opening ACoS. Based on our keyword research on the marketing side, we were able to launch this brand at about a 25% ACOS right out of the gate. As sales increased, we found that we were easily able to keep a sub-20% ACOS for SnapPad.

The Results

SwiftStart propelled SnapPad from scraping by to exceeding 25% plus MoM growth. A transformative collaboration in which we optimized their PDP, improved SEO and storefront, and refined PPC strategies.

100% MAP Compliance

Eliminating 15+ resellers within 40 days.

0 to 6-figure Sales

In just two months of partnership.

100% Control

Over distribution network.

32% Increase in Advertising Sales

While maintaining 18% ACoS.

#1 Search

Gained top organic placement in the category.

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