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Amazon Oddit ReportsTM

The most comprehensive Amazon Oddit on the market. We give you a fresh perspective on your listings, catalog, ads and account based on 1000's of data points we have measured.

A custom report that takes the guesswork out of amazon

90+ Page Full Oddits

Choose between a Listing or PPC Oddit (or get them both), where we deep dive into insights for your Amazon store and offer a full redesign to increase your Amazon traffic and sales.

Built by brand owners, for brands owners

  • Actionable Amazon report tailored to your brand.
  • One-on-one optimization and guidance on implementation.
  • Piece-by-piece detailed and accurate analysis.
  • Recommendations we implement in our own brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get an Amazon Oddit?

The Amazon Oddit is the most comprehensive report you can get from our team of dedicated of Amazon strategists. The actionable insights if implemented, can boost your Amazon sales and give you a great ROI.

How long does it take to receive my report?

All Amazon Oddits will be delivered in two weeks.

What happens after I receive my report? 

Time to implement! One of our team members will go through the report with you to ensure you know every aspect of the report and how you can implement the changes for growth! If you want to use our team for implementation and optimization, you can hire us.

Will the SwiftStart team implement the suggestions in the report? 

We sure can help. We offer full-service account management. To learn more, contact us.