SwiftStart launched Fomin during the height of the pandemic. The brand is now expanding its product lines after tripling revenue.

A Spice Affair

Launched by a 4th generation spice merchant, A Spice Affair was born out of a desire to create a line of seasonings that could marry the beauty of natural unadulterated ingredients with a passion for big bold flavors, without chemicals or compromise.

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    March 2022
  • Seller Category
    Mixed Spices & Seasonings
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    Amazon US, CA


A Spice Affair partnered with SwiftStart to overcome the competition in the CA marketplace and launch their products in the U.S. marketplace with revamped branding. They wanted to begin advertising their product and sought SwiftStart’s expertise. They were generating a meager $22K in December 2021.

SwiftStart harnessed Spice Affair's potential, devising a growth plan by analyzing trends, feedback, and competitors.

Little or No Branding

  • No brand voice and USPs to differentiate A Spice Affair in a highly cluttered spices category. 

Inconsistent Message

  • Inconsistent brand message across marketplaces.
  • Listings were not up to par with their brand.

Basic PPC

  • Needed a new strategy for advertising the product to the right audience.

Our Approach

SwiftStart completely revamped ASA’s product listings, optimized copy & image stack, and targeted intent-based keywords to accumulate remarkable growth. This approach gave new life and brand identity to A Spice Affair in the category. A fresh, revamped A+ content and storefront brought Spice Affair's heritage to life, fueling growth.

SwiftStart quadrupled the brand’s ad spend, reduced ACOS by 45%, resulting in optimal returns and dominating the competition in the spices category.

This resulted in a ten-fold increase in reviews, with average ratings above 4.4 stars, creating buzz and envy among competitors.

Results That Speak for Themselves. Spiceverse Dominated.

SwiftStart transformed Spice Affair's Amazon journey, catapulting its revenue to extraordinary heights through advanced PPC ads structure, meticulous A+ content optimization, immersive branding, and strategic advertising.


Improved Brand Equity

  • 50+ listings redeveloped.
  • Optimized images and content with the new storefront.
  • Maintained a consistent brand message across all Amazon listings.


Profitable Conversions

3x revenue growth in 1st year.


#1 Search

Gained top organic result in the category, unparalleled visibility achieved.


Brand Growth

Phenomenal 60% growth over 6 months.

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