SwiftStart launched Fomin during the height of the pandemic. The brand is now expanding its product lines after tripling revenue.


Nexgen creates high-quality, durable and long-lasting automotive sprays, cleaners and shiners.

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    Lacked Advertising
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    Amazon USA

Key Challenges:

Nexgen wanted to increase their advertising effectiveness and wanted the experts at SwiftStart to help them with that. In addition to helping their team grow their sales through effective advertising, they also wanted to improve their ‘seasonal-only’ sales. Their items perform extremely well during summer months but sales slow down during the winter months.

Lacked Advertising

Nexgen had to increase their advertising effectiveness to stay competitive.

"Seasonal-Only" Nuances

Nexgen was effected by seasonality and had to improve sales.

Our Approach

We started with a complete account audit. Our experts broke down each ad campaign running on their account to evaluate their effectiveness. This was followed by a complete competitive analysis and product-market fit analysis. Leveraging our proprietary tech and expert insights, we developed high-converting ad campaigns providing their consumers with the right message at the right time.


Leveraging our expert insights, within the first 8 weeks of the engagement (for a luxury product in during the COVID-19 pandemic), their sales grew over 50% from the year prior. In addition, creatives to drive sale increases during slow sales months were developed to ensure the brand was prepared to accelerate their sales for these periods.


Sales growth of 52%


Creatives built that addressed past seasonal sales dips.

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