SwiftStart launched Fomin during the height of the pandemic. The brand is now expanding its product lines after tripling revenue.


Re-Lieved manufactures and sells premium quality pain relief patches specially designed to effectively manage pain. The patches are specifically designed to deliver the most effective pain relief available on the OTC market today. Whether you are on your feet all day, sitting at your desk for hours on end, recovering from minor surgery, an athlete after a hard workout or just experiencing aches and pains from time to time, Re-Lieved is the answer for you.

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    June 2022
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    Adhesive Heat Patches
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    Amazon US


Team Re-Lieved found themselves lacking the time or know-how to master Amazon’s advertising strategy. They’d reached out to other agencies to help them with Amazon PPC management but had lackluster results.

When our Amazon advertising specialists dug into the Re-Lieved ad account, they discovered the brand was suffering from a chaotic advertising campaign structure. All products were fluxed within the same ad group, which made optimization difficult.

Slowed Growth

  • Inconsistent listings and content spread.
  • Poor PPC execution and keyword targeting

Limited Reporting

  • Limited control and data on performance.

Our Approach

After a PPC overhaul for Re-Lieved, selling on Amazon became a piece of cake

Better Advertising

We maximized reach, minimized costs, and ensured efficient advertising by targeting the right audience segments, keywords and streamlining complementary campaigns.

Negative Keyword Implementation

Removed duplicative keywords and implemented a comprehensive negative keyword strategy to minimize customer search term overlap between campaigns, keywords, and bids to better control CPCs.

Maximizing Conversions

With a relatively small catalog, we made every click count. SwiftStart's creative optimizations elevated conversion rates by 54%.

Predictable Growth

Our strategic approach ensured predictable growth by fine-tuning the brand advertising strategy, leveraging data-driven insights, and continuous optimization.

Believe The Difference

SwiftStart propelled Re-Lieved from scraping by to exceeding 113% YoY growth. A transformative collaboration in which we optimized their listings, improved SEO and storefront, and refined PPC strategies.

We transformed setbacks into victories. SwiftStart's strategic expertise drove unprecedented 113% Year-over-Year growth.


Top of The Page

For the organic result listing in the category


Verified customer reviews in 12 months

113% YoY Growth

In yearly Amazon sales

#1 Search

Gained top organic result in the category, unparalleled visibility achieved.

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