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    Understanding Amazon LPN Number - SwiftStart

    Have you ever wondered what that mysterious "LPN number" on Amazon is about? For new Amazon sellers navigating a sea of codes and identifiers, distinguishing between them can be confusing. To ensure excellent customer service, Amazon sellers must grasp the intricacies of the return process. These LPN numbers aren’t just random digits on a label; they hold the key to a well-organized and efficient order fulfillment process.

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    So, are you curious to learn what is LPN number on Amazon signifies and how it streamlines your operations, ensuring your packages arrive swiftly and accurately? Continue reading this guide article as we will discuss the significance of this LPN number within your return process and how you can find these numbers. So, let’s dig into the details to kick things off.

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    What Is LPN Number on Amazon Signifies?

    Amazon LPN is a unique identifier assigned to individual units or items within Amazon's vast network of fulfillment centers. It is a digital label, enabling accurate tracking and efficient order management as they traverse Amazon's extensive warehouse system.

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    What Is the Purpose of LPN Numbers?

    Item Tracking and Allocation

    Imagine LPN numbers as virtual breadcrumbs guiding your products through Amazon's intricate fulfillment centers. They serve as a precise means to identify item locations, ensuring efficient allocation and retrieval during picking and packing processes.

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    Quality Control Safeguard

    Amazon's commitment to maintaining the integrity of its product pipeline is evident in its use of LPN numbers. Moreover, placing an LPN barcode Amazon over the existing FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit) prevents unfulfillable or returned products from accidentally mixing with new merchandise. This strategic use ensures that your customers consistently receive the quality they expect.

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    Efficient Returns Management

    Amazon LPN numbers play a pivotal role in the management of returns. They facilitate Amazon in categorizing and handling returned items effectively. Sellers can access Return Reports, making tracking LPN numbers and reasons for returns easy. This offers valuable insights into product performance and customer preferences.

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    How Can The LPN Number Assist Sellers In Identifying Amazon Returns?

    When a seller receives a removal order on the Amazon marketplace, the LPN number is a valuable starting point. Sellers can manually input these numbers into an Excel sheet, allowing for a straightforward comparison with the Amazon FBA report. This method aids sellers in understanding why an item was returned to Amazon and for which orders. To pinpoint the Amazon LPN number in the FBA returns report, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Amazon Seller Central Home Page.
    1. Hover your cursor over "Reports" and select "Return Reports."
    1. Click on "View FBA Reports".
    1. Access the "Download" tab.
    1. Choose an event date and click "Request .csv download."
    1. Once your file is prepared, download the Excel file. From there, you can easily identify the returned order numbers, the reasons for the return, and the corresponding LPN numbers.

    Why Are Return Reports Important?

    Analyzing return reports and customer reviews is crucial for continuously improving product quality, which can lead to long-term Amazon success.

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    The average return rate for items on Amazon falls between 5% to 15%. This range helps you gauge your performance as a seller and identify the need for potential product changes and business practices to reduce return rates.

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    By examining your Return Reports, you can:

    • Prevent sending damaged inventory to FBA fulfillment centers.
    • Enhance product quality.
    • Identify which fulfillment centers generate the most returns.
    • Determine which items are frequently returned due to customer misunderstandings from your product listings.
    • Gain insights into customer opinions and behaviors.
    • Recognize the necessity of filing claims with Amazon for damaged items or lost parts.

    As a seller, monitoring the reasons and frequency of returns is essential in evaluating the health of your business. We recommend creating a spreadsheet to track these trends, enabling you to take informed actions based on your observations.

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    Why Search for FBA Removal Items by LPN?

    Searching for FBA removal inventory by LPN offers insight into the reasons behind a particular unit's return or unsellable status. This information can be incredibly valuable when organizing removals or filing claims with Amazon.


    It's impossible to underestimate the significance of an LPN number sticker. We hope after reading this guide on what is LPN number on Amazon you can understand how it plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the smooth flow of inventory, sales, and returns. Moreover, without this crucial identifier, items could easily become lost within the shipping process and mistakenly treated as brand-new stock.

    Such a scenario could have severe consequences, especially considering that returned goods often arrive damaged or with missing parts. So, whether you've been an Amazon FBA seller for a while or are just starting, Amazon FBA LPN numbers can simplify your inventory management, making it a seamless process.

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    FAQs related to Amazon LPN Numbers

    What Does LPN Stand For In Amazon?

    LPN stands for "License Plate Number" in Amazon's inventory management context. It is a unique identification number assigned to each inventory unit in Amazon's fulfillment centers.


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