What Does Amazon Approval Needed Mean? How to Get It?

What Does Amazon Approval Needed Mean? How to Get It?

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If you're selling on Amazon or buying things from there, you might get a message saying "Amazon Approval Needed." It can be confusing, making you wonder why you're getting these messages.


  1. "Amazon Approval Needed" signifies that a product has undergone review or is subject to brand restrictions.
  2. Product categories are gated or restricted, and brands seek protection against unauthorized sellers.
  3. Ensure all product information is accurately provided, review listing details, monitor inventory levels, and seek assistance from Amazon support.
  4. Verify product eligibility and choose between Amazon or a third-party company for assistance.
  5. 89% of customers prefer Amazon for their online purchases, underlining the significance of Amazon's approval process.

Why We Wrote This?

By explaining the meaning and reasons behind Amazon Approval Needed, we aim to help sellers understand the process and steps necessary to obtain product approvals. We want to inform buyers about the implications of encountering this message while shopping. This content will help them streamline the approval process and optimize their product listings for success on Amazon.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ve explained why “Amazon approval needed” for sellers and buyers and how to resolve it.

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What Does Approval Needed Mean On Amazon for Sellers?

"Amazon Approval Needed" typically indicates that your product has undergone review and requires Amazon's approval before you can begin selling it on their platform. Additionally, it may signify that the brand owner has joined Amazon's Transparency Program to prevent unauthorized sellers from listing the item.

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Why Approval Needed Amazon Appears for Sellers?

Let's explore why Amazon uses this approval process and what it means for sellers.

  1. Product Categories

Amazon sorts products into different categories, some of which are "gated" or restricted. This means not all sellers can freely list products in these categories. Sellers usually have to apply for approval and meet specific requirements set by Amazon.

  1. Brand Restrictions

Some well-known brands want extra protection for their products against unauthorized sellers. They might ask Amazon to restrict who can list their products. Sellers who want to sell these brands need approval from both Amazon and the brand owner.

  1. Quality Control

Amazon Approval Needed also acts as a way to check product authenticity and condition. This ensures customers have a good shopping experience.

  1. Policy Compliance

Sellers must follow Amazon's rules, such as selling new and unused products. Approval might be needed to confirm they're following these rules.

  1. Building Trust

When customers see that certain products or brands need approval, they feel more confident buying them. It shows Amazon has checked these listings.

How to Get Amazon Approval for Product Listing?

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By following the approval process and meeting the criteria, you can list and sell products in these categories or brands, growing your business on Amazon.

Complete Required Information

Make sure all necessary details about your product are filled out correctly, like UPCs and SKU numbers.

Review Your Listing Details

Check the information in Amazon Seller Central against what you want to list. Correct any mistakes to avoid problems later.

Monitor Inventory Levels

Before submitting your product, check your inventory levels. Low or empty stock might raise concerns during Amazon's review.

Contact Amazon Support

If you still have approval issues after following the steps above, ask Amazon's support team for help. They can offer guidance according to your situation.

How to Apply for Amazon Approval?

Here are a few steps you should take before applying on their website.

Check Eligibility: Ensure your product is eligible for approval by visiting the Amazon Seller Central page and clicking the “amazon.com/yourorders approval needed”.

link. If your product isn't listed there, it's not eligible for Amazon approval.

Choose Assistance: Select a company to assist with your application. You can choose either Amazon or a third-party company, but make sure they have a solid track record and experience working with sellers like yourself. They'll guide you through the process and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Finalize Product Listing: Once your product is approved for sale on Amazon, it will appear alongside other eligible products in search results. Ensure your product page details and Amazon listing look appealing to potential customers. Also, you can contact SwiftStart Agency to optimize your Amazon listing.

What Does "Approval Needed" Mean for Amazon Buyers?

89% of customers prefer Amazon for their online purchases. Therefore, Amazon occasionally updates its policies to enhance the trustworthiness of sellers and buyers.

When you see "Amazon Order Approval Needed" while trying to buy certain products on Amazon, it's a message or notification sent to buyers. This is part of Amazon's efforts to build trust and reduce Amazon's return rate, refunds, and chargebacks.

Here's what it means in practice:

  1. Confirmation of Intent

When you encounter "Amazon Approval Needed," it means Amazon is confirming that you want to buy that item. It's like Amazon asking for your permission before proceeding with the purchase.

  1. Preorder Items

Amazon may ask for approval if you're interested in purchasing an item that hasn't been released yet. They want to confirm your intent to buy before the item becomes available, and you'll be charged when it's shipped.

  1. Business Accounts

When business customers make purchases on behalf of their company, the account owner might require manual approval for each order. This helps manage spending and prevents personal use of the company's card.

  1. Order History

If you've previously returned or refunded items, Amazon may request approval for future orders. Your past actions can influence this decision.

Address Changes

Changing your delivery address could trigger order approval, especially if you've consistently used the same address. This is a security message to prevent unauthorized changes.

Credit Card Expiry

Amazon typically accepts credit cards for at least six months before they expire. If your card is due to expire sooner, they may ask for approval.

International Cards

Amazon often requires a card from the same country where you're shopping. For example, you'll need a UK card when buying from Amazon UK.

Product Specifics

Certain products, such as oversized or heavy items, hazardous materials, or renewed/exchanged items, might need approval to ensure safe handling and proper processing.


Understanding the significance of "Amazon Approval Needed" is crucial for sellers and buyers on the platform. By clarifying the reasons behind this requirement and offering practical guidance on obtaining approval, we empower sellers to navigate the process while ensuring compliance with Amazon's standards. Likewise, informing buyers about the implications of encountering this message enhances their understanding of their purchasing decisions. Together, these efforts promote a secure, trustworthy, and efficient marketplace experience for all parties on Amazon.

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What Does Approval Needed Mean On Amazon?

For sellers, your product undergoes review and needs Amazon approval. For buyers, it’s a confirmation message to proceed with their purchase of an item.

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