Amazon Dietary Supplements Policy Updates [Updated April 2024]

Amazon Dietary Supplements Policy Updates [Updated April 2024]

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Attention all "dietary supplements" sellers! This article is for you. Since the start of December, Amazon has updated its dietary supplements policy, demanding additional supporting documentation from sellers for their products.

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  1. Amazon dietary supplements sellers policy was updated in 2024 due to concerns about the quality of some supplements sold on the platform.
  2. Amazon requires sellers to meet compliance standards, including certification to NSF/ANSI 173 or NSF 229 or third-party testing, inspection, and certification.
  3. Existing sellers on Amazon must undergo a new approval process to demonstrate compliance with the updated Amazon dietary supplements policy.
  4. Sellers must ensure that their compliance documents are up-to-date and meet specific criteria issued by ISO 17025-certified laboratories.
  5. The updated requirements present challenges for sellers, including potential listing deactivations, additional certifications expenses, etc.

Why We Wrote This?

We want to inform Amazon sellers about the updates to the platform's dietary supplement policy in 2024 and the reasons behind these changes. With this content, sellers are aware of their obligations to comply with the updated policy, including the requirement for certification to NSF/ANSI standards or third-party testing. By providing clear information, the content empowers sellers to maintain compliance and uphold the quality and safety of dietary supplements sold on the platform.

Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll discuss why Amazon's dietary supplement policy was updated, how it works, and the standard requirements.

Why was Amazon's Dietary Supplement Policy Updated in 2024?

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Some dietary supplements sold on Amazon have been questioned for their quality. NOW, a natural products manufacturer in Illinois has been testing lesser-known brands on the platform for the past seven years.

This scrutiny has focused on various supplement categories. ChromaDex has also raised concerns about the quality of Amazon's NMN supplements. Timeline shared test results indicate that certain urolithin A supplements on the platform may not contain advertised cellular aging ingredients.

Due to such questions, Amazon says products certified to NSF/ANSI 173 or NSF 229 meet their Amazon dietary supplements policy. However, if products don't meet Amazon's supplement policy, sellers must verify their supplements via a third-party testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) organization.

How Does Amazon Supplement Policy 2024 Work for Existing Sellers?

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Amazon has introduced a new process for existing sellers. Sometimes, busy sellers might miss out on reading Amazon dietary supplements sellers policy updates. This means that even if you've already been approved and provided all the necessary documents for your products, you might need to go through the approval process again to show compliance.

Simply put, if you sell food or dietary supplements, Amazon might ask you to update your documents at any time to ensure that your products meet local laws and are safe for customers.

While Amazon's task is important, the process can be frustrating. Amazon listings may be deactivated, obtaining necessary documentation for each product takes time, and there are extra expenses because Amazon now requires additional certifications from independent laboratories.

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Amazon Requirements for Selling Dietary Supplements in 2024

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Amazon has updated its requirements to sell dietary supplements on Amazon. If you've been notified by Amazon's supplement policy to update your compliance documents, you'll need to provide:

Certification of Analysis (COA) and/or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Each Product

  • Must include lot number and manufacture date
  • The expiration date must be current (documents with past dates won't be reviewed)
  • It should consist of the manufacturer or distributor's name and address
  • Issued by an ISO 17025-certified laboratory
  • COA issued within the last six months
  • Should contain quantitative analysis supporting the claimed concentration of active ingredients
  • Must include the product name

Product Packaging Picture (PPP)

requirements to sell dietary supplements on amazon
  • A clear image of the supplemental or nutritional facts panel and ingredient list
  • Manufacturer's name and address must be visible
  • Must include the product name

Letter of Guarantee from the Manufacturer (LoG)

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  • Must list the complete product name as it appears on the label
  • Must ensure that the product is manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Must ensure that only lawful and safe ingredients, as defined by the FD&C Act, are used
  • Make sure the concentration of active ingredient(s) on the label is safe to consume


Amazon dietary supplement policy updates in 2024 reflect the platform's commitment to ensuring the quality and safety of products available to customers. The scrutiny from manufacturers like NOW and ChromaDex underscores the importance of maintaining rigorous standards.

While the new requirements may pose challenges for sellers, including additional documentation and potential listing deactivations, adherence to these standards ultimately benefits sellers and customers. Through proactive compliance, sellers can continue to provide high-quality dietary supplements that meet the expectations of Amazon's policy and regulations.

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