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What Is Amazon Renewed Program and How Does it Work?

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Purchasing refurbished devices can save money on electronics. One option for buying like-new refurbished devices is the Amazon Renewed program.


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  1. Amazon Renewed offers a guarantee to refurbished, inspected, and tested pre-owned items.
  2. Renewed products are certified to work and look new, free from significant damage or blemishes.
  3. The program includes premium, excellent, good, and acceptable condition products with specific cosmetic and functional standards.
  4. Renewed items come with relevant accessories and a 90-day to one-year guarantee.
  5. Joining Amazon Renewed requires meeting specific sales and performance criteria, such as providing invoices for $50,000 refurbished purchases within 90 days.


Why We Wrote This?

Our content targets sellers looking to expand their market by offering refurbished and pre-owned products through Amazon. The content clarifies the different condition grades and guarantees associated with renewed products, helping sellers understand the quality standards their items must meet. It aims to empower Amazon sellers with the knowledge they need to boost sales and market presence.

So, in this guide, we’ll learn what Amazon renewed, what Amazon renewed products, what Amazon renewed products are, their pros and cons, and their reliability.


What Does Renewed Mean On Amazon?


Amazon Renewed program offers refurbished, rebuilt, and previously owned items. When you see "Amazon Renewed" on a product page, it means:

  1. The device has been pre-owned or used as a display item.
  2. Amazon offers a guarantee on the item.
  3. An Amazon employee or contractor has inspected and tested the item.
  4. A qualified technician or a third-party refurbisher tests and certifies all Amazon Renewal products to work and look like new.


What are Amazon Renewed Products?

Amazon Renewed meaning that the products can be repaired, refurbished, and tested to meet quality standards. These products have electrical and/or mechanical components that can be replaced or upgraded. The refurbishment process usually includes:

  1. Running a diagnostic test.
  2. Replacing any defective parts.
  3. Thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the product.
  4. Repackaging the item where necessary.
  5. These products are shipped with all relevant accessories, just like a new product, and are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.


What Are the 4 Amazon Renew Product Conditions?

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If you see an Amazon Renewed item, it will fall into one of these four conditions:


  • Device Condition: No signs of cosmetic damage visible from 12 inches away.
  • Damage: None.
  • Batteries (if present): At 90% capacity or equivalent.
  • Guarantee: One-year satisfaction guarantee.



  • Device Condition: No signs of cosmetic damage visible from 12 inches away.
  • Damage: None.
  • Batteries (if present): At 80% capacity or equivalent.
  • Guarantee: 90-day Amazon Renewed guarantee.



  • Device Condition: Shows visible minor imperfections from 12 inches away.
  • Damage: Minor.
  • Batteries (if present): At 80% capacity or equivalent.
  • Guarantee: 90-day Amazon Renewed guarantee.



  • Device Condition: Scratches visible from 12 inches away and perceptible to the touch.
  • Damage: Noticeable.
  • Batteries (if present): At 80% capacity or equivalent.
  • Guarantee: 90-day Amazon Renewed guarantee.


Pros of Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed is an exclusive program due to its high entry standards. This means less competition and more opportunities to sell returned products that might otherwise remain unsold. A major benefit is the ability to reach a different demographic of consumers - those unwilling to pay full price might become new customers, potentially leading to future repeat purchases.


Cons of Amazon Renewed

Despite its benefits, Amazon Renewed may not suit every brand. One concern is how reselling renewed products might affect your brand image. Some brands, especially those offering luxury items, may not want their products perceived as "renewed" since it could compromise the premium customer experience expected with new items.

Another drawback is that renewed products appear alongside new ones in search results, requiring clear differentiation to avoid customer confusion. Additionally, having your brand on Amazon Renewed may invite arbitrage. If the discount on renewed products is too steep, arbitrage sellers could buy these items at a lower price and resell them closer to retail prices on platforms like eBay or Facebook.

For help becoming an Amazon Renewed seller and guidance on the application process, contact SwiftStart Amazon Agency.


How to Join the Amazon Renewed Program?

Here are the steps to enter the program:


Step #1: Become an Amazon Seller

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You'll need to register if you're not an Amazon seller. Create a seller account through Amazon’s website, selecting a selling plan and strategy. You’ll need your business email address, a credit card, a government ID, tax information, a phone number, and a bank account. Consider joining the Amazon Brand Registry for additional tools to enhance customer experience.


Step #2: Meet the Criteria for Amazon Renewed

Not all brands qualify for Amazon Renewed. You must provide invoices for at least $50,000 worth of refurbished purchases within 90 days before applying. Additionally, you must have an Order Defect Rate (ODR) of 0.8% or less during the same period. Other qualifications are listed on Amazon’s website.


Step #3: Apply for Amazon Renewed

After becoming an Amazon seller and meeting the criteria, submit your application through the program website or email with the necessary documentation.


Step #4: Start Selling!

Amazon will notify you when your application is approved within 10 business days. Once approved, you can create new listings for your renewed products or add renewed products to existing listings. Optimize your listings with tools like SwiftStart Amazon Creatives for the best performance.


Is Amazon Renewed Reliable?

Yes, Amazon Renewed products come with a 90-day guarantee and up to a one-year warranty. If your device stops working or malfunctions, you can get a refund within 90 days of receiving the product.



Amazon Renewed program offers sellers a valuable opportunity to reach a wider Amazon community by providing refurbished and pre-owned products that meet stringent quality standards. By understanding the program's benefits, requirements, and potential challenges, sellers can make informed participation decisions.


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What Do Renewed Mean On Amazon?

"Renewed" on Amazon refers to products inspected and tested to work and look like new. Amazon-qualified suppliers sell these items and come with a minimum 90-day supplier warranty.

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