Amazon Warehouse Deals: Tips for Sellers; Savvy Shoppers

Amazon Warehouse Deals: Tips for Sellers; Savvy Shoppers

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Looking for awesome deals on top-notch products? Amazon warehouse deals are the way to go!


  1. In November 2023, facing a 7% inflation rate, savvy shoppers turned to Amazon Warehouse Deals.
  2. Amazon Warehouse boasts a flexible returns policy, ranging from 30 days for used items to 90 days for certified refurbished products.
  3. Considering an open-box deal? Accenture's research reveals only 5% of returns are due to defects, making it a smart move for shoppers.
  4. From 'Renewed' to 'Acceptable,' Amazon Warehouse's product detail page conditions guide buyers about the product's condition.
  5. To ensure success, sellers should maintain top-notch packaging, record-keeping, and adherence to fulfillment standards.
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Why We Wrote This?

In writing this content, we aim to inform Amazon sellers that Amazon Warehouse Deals provide them an avenue to remove excess inventory. Sellers can still generate revenue from products with minor imperfections or damaged packaging. Moreover, warehouse Deals offer buyers the opportunity to purchase items at a lower cost than their new counterparts.

So, in this guide, we’ve disclosed what Amazon warehouse deals, its return policy, working for buyers and sellers, open-box products, product listing conditions, and 3 best practices.

What are Amazon Warehouse Deals?

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In November 2023, the inflation rate became 7%, meaning it's practical to shop smart. Amazon Warehouse offers enticing deals on pre-owned items. While 'used' often carries a negative connotation, it's a flexible term in the Warehouse context.

Amazon ensures that all products in Warehouse deals are in good condition and meet stringent quality criteria. They go the extra mile, testing most items for usability. If there are minor issues, the product description transparently mentions them, keeping you informed. According to Yahoo, the warehouse's top picks include:

  • Computers and accessories
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Electronics and photo
  • Home Improvement

Amazon Warehouse Return Policy

One advantage of Warehouse deals Amazon is the flexible return policy. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Used or open-box items: Return within 30 days from the shipping date.
  • Certified refurbished or renewed products: You have 90 days from the shipment date to initiate a return.

What are Open-Box Products?

When a product is labeled as an "open box," it means the item has been opened, likely returned, but not necessarily due to damage. According to an Accenture research report, only 5% of returns are related to product defects. Reasons for returns could range from a change of mind to preferring a different color or brand.

For shoppers, choosing an open-box item can be like purchasing a brand-new, unused product at a significant discount. These items are typically returned goods or floor models that have undergone testing, inspection, and grading to ensure they function like new.

However, there are considerations before purchasing an open-box item:

  1. Ensure the open-box product has a clear return policy, as a few may not work perfectly.
  2. Check for restocking fees or return shipping costs associated with open-box returns.
  3. Confirm if the manufacturer's warranty still applies to the open-box product.
  4. Determine if the item was a return and understand its condition, such as being a floor model.
  5. Inspect Amazon product images, especially online purchasing, to identify any damage.
  6. Verify if the open-box item includes all necessary accessories, as some may be missing.
  7. Assess whether the open-box deal offers a significant discount compared to buying new.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Listing Conditions

amazon. warehouse deals

Product listings are shown on the offer listing page for each item. They are grouped to enable buyers to sort and choose offerings based on condition or price.


  • Inspected and tested by Amazon.
  • Functions and looks like new.
  • It may come repackaged but includes all accessories.
  • If it doesn't meet expectations, it comes with the "Amazon Renewed Guarantee" for a replacement or refund within 90 days.

Like New - Used

  • Perfect condition but may have packaging defects.
  • Considered "like new" despite minor packaging issues.

Very Good - Used

  • Cosmetic damage or blemishes.
  • Slight Signs of Use
  • Minor accessories may be missing.
  • Packaging may be replaced for better protection.

Good - Used

  • Large cosmetic damage or blemishes.
  • Accessories may be missing.
  • Packaging might be replaced for better protection.

Acceptable - Used

  • Shows wear, including scratches and dents.
  • Aesthetic problems are noticeable.
  • Packaging may be replaced for protection.
  • Manuals could be missing, and there may be third-party attachments.

How Does Amazon Warehouse Deal Work for Buyers?

amazon warehouse clearance deals

Buyers can snag products from Amazon Warehouse Deals at up to 70% off the regular price of a new item. Although there might be slight damage or cosmetic issues, functionality is guaranteed.

Condition Report

Pay close attention to the condition report when buying from the deals page. It specifies whether the item is used, its category, and whether it's renewed.

Remember that Amazon Warehouse Clearance Deals items don't come with manufacturing warranties. If the item doesn't function as expected, you have 30 days to return it according to Amazon Warehouse's return policy.

How Amazon Warehouse Deals Work for Sellers?

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Amazon, home to around two million small and medium third-party sellers constituting 58% of its sales, offers benefits to sellers, but they can't directly list items in the Warehouse section. Products end up on the deals page in two ways:

  • Damaged under Amazon's Control: If a product is damaged at an Amazon FBA warehouse under the company's responsibility, Amazon inspects the item to determine if it can still be resold through Amazon Warehouse Deals. As a result, the seller gets a refund for the damaged item.
  • Returned Item: When a customer returns a product, the seller can let Amazon dispose of it. Amazon may then inspect and resell the item via the Warehouse.

Can Third-Party Sellers Benefit?

Third-party sellers indirectly benefit from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Although dealing with returns can be a headache for businesses, sellers can still earn some reimbursement with the deals. Additionally, knowing that products are being recycled or sustainably resold can be satisfying.

However, there are downsides. The seller's brand might be negatively impacted by imperfect products, even if the damage was not their fault. Poor reviews or low seller feedback could result in a brand positioning on and off, potentially limiting future business growth.

3 Best Practices for Amazon Warehouse Deals

Attention to Packaging

Sellers must prioritize the quality of packaging to ensure successful sales. Proper packaging safeguards products during transportation, especially over long distances.

Failure to meet industry standards in packaging could result in goods being damaged during shipment or within Amazon Warehouses. Maintaining high packaging standards is crucial to avert potential complications and customer dissatisfaction.

Record Keeping of Invoices and Receipts

Sellers must maintain comprehensive records of all invoices and receipts associated with the products sold. Amazon compensates sellers based on the product's value and the purchase price.

Keeping meticulous records ensures accurate tracking of financial transactions. This is essential for proper reimbursement and helps sellers manage their finances effectively.

Product Inspection and Fulfillment Standards

Sellers should actively track the products listed by Amazon FBA sellers. Before dispatching products, thorough inspections of packaging conditions should be conducted to prevent future issues and allegations.

Familiarity with Amazon fulfillment standards is essential to meet the platform's requirements. This includes adherence to specific packaging and shipping guidelines to maintain a positive seller reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.


Amazon Warehouse Deals allows consumers to shop smart despite inflation, offering discounts on pre-owned items. Moreover, open-box deals present a chance for substantial savings. Sellers benefit indirectly from these deals, though they face potential brand image challenges. Further, the three best practices for sellers underscore the importance of packaging, record-keeping, and adherence to fulfillment standards for success in Amazon Warehouse Deals. Ultimately, the platform is a win-win for buyers seeking cost-effective options and sellers navigating the complexities of returns and damaged goods.

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How To Access Amazon Warehouse Deals?

To access Amazon warehouse deals, click the dropdown arrow next to the search box on the retailer site. Next, choose Amazon Warehouse and explore various product categories to check their prices.

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